W8R3...Blood, sweat and tears!

I feel like I've gone through some sort of initiation, as have now fallen over while running!

Nothing spectacular...one minute I was running, next I was lying on the ground with the dog giving me a funny look!

Think there was some sandy/gravel on surface, run off from the fields with all the rain lately. Result...impressive area of gravel rash all up the side of my shin and a bruised hand.

Luckily I was on the last 5 minutes of running, and not too far from home and got up and carried on running/hobbling. Pleased I'd found some inner strength which I'm sure is a side effect of going through this programme...sticking with it even when it gets challenging, and knowing that there's a community of people all pushing through the hard parts.

Started week 9 with second parkrun yesterday, and chuffed when my result came through as have managed to bring it under 40 minutes to 38:10.

I'm sooooo looking forward to my graduation this coming week, I have the tee-shirt and can't wait to wear it!

Have a lovely weekend all :)


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27 Replies

  • Does this mean you ran two days in a row? Take care don't get injured there A-Deb. So happy for you re the PB yesterday though! Hope your bumps and scrapes from today are not too bad...

  • Just me posting late! Ran Thursday to finish week 8, and started week 9 with parkrun yesterday. I was thinking when I took dogs out for a walk this morning that it was a shame it wasn't a running day as I want to get week 9 completed and graduate, but like you say I've read on here how important the rest days are...have a lovely Sunday :)

  • Ah I understand 😀 I often get a huge desire to run on rest days... Then am nervy on run days.... You will graduate, you know you will, it's a formal celebration of your achievement because if you have done parkrun you're there, I reckon 😀

  • Ha-- I have read that you can't call yourself a runner until you have kissed the ground!!! I have kissed it once - during a parkrun. One minute I was running, and the very next instance I was kissing the ground - how I didn't break my nose I don't know!!!!

  • I sure gave the ground a big smacker :)

  • Ouch, but you finished the run so well done.

  • Thanks IP :)

  • Fantastic that u r so close to graduation. I didn't know there was a t shirt, where can I buy one? Will have a look on Wiggle

  • Saw it on the links on here somewhere, it was company called Complete Runner :) I've had it hanging up to inspire me!

  • Aw sorry about your fall! But good for you carrying on regardless! Nearly there, so exciting!

  • Yes, I'm itching for my shiny graduate badge now :)

  • with determination like that , there will be no stopping you , well done hope the wounds aren't too bad and heal quickly :)

  • Thanks Rob, definitely feel more determined now, as know I can/will complete as can run for 40 mins now and done a couple of Parkruns. Leg nice and scabby now!

  • You WILL do it :)

  • Good for you for carrying on. It's far from being a "no pain, no gain" boot camp programme, but c25k does also have that side effect of making one more resilient, doesn't it? The rain falls, and instead of running for cover as if acid has just started to fall from the sky (and getting miserable with that), you check your state, decide you're not about to freeze to death, and on you go. With a smile. Maybe after a fall the smile doesn't make sense, but you examine the damage, see that both legs are still there and intact (mostly), and off you go. I fell, too, early on in the programme. Might have even been during the first attempt. I suppose it's just one of the hazards of not picking your way carefully from place to place somewhere below walking pace.

  • Thanks Gary, definitely found lots of benefits from C25K apart from the fitness. I didn't look too closely at my leg after I got up as couldn't do anything about it, and I was trying not to cry! Glad it was at the end of my run, not sure how determined I would have been if it had been in the first 5 mins :)

  • Aw Debs ((( ))) it's a rite of passage to being a runner :-)

    I managed to fall on my warm up walk ha ha :-)

    Well done for getting back up again and showing it who's the boss ! :-) xxxx

  • Funny thing was, one minute I was running, next I was lying in the road! I usually trip over the dog, but it wasn't her this time :)

  • Mine happened when I was being nosy looking in someone's garden ! Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • "I managed to fall on my warm up walk ha ha"

    No!!!!!!! :)

  • Ha ha Its true ! :-D xxx

  • Ouchy! It is a rite of passage, but you don't need to do it again for another couple of years! Hope graduation week goes well!

  • Thanks Ully, looking forward to my shiny badge end of next week :)

  • You can tell we are all runners on this forum. My first thought when I read your post was 'I hope you paused your Garmin'... but seriously, I trust that you're recovering OK.

    I rarely go running with my mobile phone, but Mrs MarkyD keeps reminding me to take it. At least I do carry her mobile phone number with me, and so if anyone finds me in a ditch, they should know how to get in touch.

  • Ha ha :) I've not got a Garmin (yet!) and have a lovely scabby leg now.

    I need my dog to be a bit more concerned when I fall over, and train her to get help for me rather than stand there looking puzzled :)

  • I NEVER go running without my mobile phone - except when I am at parkrun :)

  • I'm sorry to hear that you fell, but I'm glad it wasn't worse. Congratulations on your parkrun time!!!!

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