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After Mark909 shared some advice a few weeks back ( ), I headed over to and picked up their 'Power up 2012' Bundle pack for interval training. For £6.50, you can't go wrong really.

This morning was my first attempt at the 20min Interval session and it felt good. It was tough going as I reached the top of the pyramid and I had to have a walking break once I'd finished all 7 sprints but I really really enjoyed the whole Interval thing. It mixed things up and broke the rut I've been in; and it was good to have some commentary back on the audio after I broke up with Laura back in July.

In case you're interested, it's a 5 min warm up jog, 30 second sprint, 30 second recovery jog, 45 second sprint, 45 second jog, and likewise for 60 seconds & 75 seconds when you reach the top of the pyramid, then back down so 60 seconds, 45 seconds and finish on 30 seconds ending with a 5minute cool down.

It was a joy to do, sprinting felt good, the recovery runs felt better though ;) Can't wait for next Tuesday when I get to do it again!

Anyone else do intervals?

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Good old intervals - and I had started to wonder if I was the only person who liked them! They do break things up nicely, although I haven't dared to go near the pyramid ones yet, they just seem that little bit too tough for my liking (although I've done 60sec ones a few times, so suppose 75 can't be that much worse)!


75 seconds wasn't too bad; although saying that, whilst I was sprinting in the 75 second segment, I was thinking 'nearly done, just 5 more seconds - where's the commentary?' and then he said 'your half way there now!".. D'oh!

But by the time you complete the 75 second interval, you know it'll only get shorter from that point on :)

It's the longer 32 Minute Interval Session I'm worried about - a full two minute sprint?!


Before injury I was running an intervals session once a week. I can't say I really enjoyed the run, as it was hard work, but I felt great afterwards and I certainly felt like I'd had a good workout each time. I downloaded a couple of free podcasts from Podrunner. The music was not really to my taste, but it helped me run to the beat and run fast.

I'm hoping to try one again tomorrow as I'm slowly getting back following my long lay-off.

The only real negative (except not enjoying them! ;-) ) is I find to hard to feel the difference between the fast and slower intervals sometimes due to the hilly terrain here. Although I may be keeping a steady 165 bpm, for one minute, my pace shortens when I'm running uphill, and I'm not going many faster than the previous recovery minute at 150bpm. I think if I had a 4km flat route, I'd feel the difference in speed now than I do now. Maybe I'd even enjoy it!


It does give a good feeling afterwards, one of being worked! I haven't really felt like that since doing the actual C25K intervals.

I've not heard of Podrunner, I'll have to check that out soon!

yeah, the terrain's not too flat here either. Although I've managed to carve out a route close by, a 5ish k route with only one medium hill and one slight but long hill.

Besides, you may not think you're going faster but if your pace shortens, you're still working harder :)


I love that Audiofuel Pyramid 180. It's brilliant for those days when you feel pressed for time or not really in the mood to run. I like the commentary too "Steel yourself" "Walk if you want to""Get yourself ready as best you can" I am a slow runner (best 5k was 50 minutes) but I can do this (I had to work at it of course, didn't manage it the first few times and I do indeed sometimes have sessions in which I walk between the sprints) It's easier than the Speed C25K+ podcast.

I was not impressed the other day to find myself starting the top of the pyramid at the bottom of a very steep hill - but you just take smaller steps, as per instructions. I was practically running on the spot.

intervals are supposed to be good for weight loss and I think I do notice a difference.


Yes! Exactly that, it'd be great for days when I've not got a long time to run (read: those days I wake up late ;) )

The route I took today did literally get to the point where the 60 second sprint started mere metres from the bottom of a hill. I was fortunate enough that I could detour so skipped that hill. Maybe next time :)


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