Interval training - how to keep HR down without running at a snail's pace

I am trying to do interval training 1-2 times a week out of my 3-4 weekly runs. I have set up 5 x 40 second sprints with 3 mins in between at a steady pace on my Runkeeper ap. But to get my HR back down to 155 - the steady pace I have calculated, means I have to go very very slowly. It is great to sprint, but annoying when everyone starts overtaking during the steady runs. Anyone else have this problem or experience of interval training?


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10 Replies

  • I do intervals for 2 out of my 4 runs a week, but I use Laura's Speed as I dont have a Garmin that does fancy stuff...Sometimes I do it twice over on a 10k and I really have noticed a difference. I haven't a clue about heartrate but if you feel unwell then definately slow down. Sorry thats no help at all, but good luck on the intervals, they really do work...

  • Thanks juice ju. I think it is making a difference but I have only been doing it for a few weeks. How long before you saw an improvement? I don't feel unwell, on the contrary, I feel I could go faster during the steady runs. But I have to stay slow to keep to the right heart rate.

  • If you have calculated on the 220 minus age (I think that is right), there is some opinion now that it is very conservative. Also, everyone is different so someone of your age may really struggle on 155 bpm but someone else of the same age will hardly notice it. Personally I think the 'perceived exertion' scale is better. Do some Googling if you can and you will come across loads of different opinions on this. Good luck!

  • Try shortening your stride. Shorter strides seems to go with less effort, even when you up the pace rate.

  • Thanks, I will try this.

  • Interval training is something that YOU do as part of a training programme to improve your fitness and also your running pace. It is something that is most commonly done alone -- and the main effort is put in during the actual running parts. It would not matter if you actually stop and sit down during the rest periods -- the running periods are the important bit of interval training. So I am not sure what your concern is about being "overtaken" during the "steady" rest periods??

  • I just find it very frustrating to have to go so slowly and feel I could do more. I think it is working do I will keep at it.

  • I think that perhaps you are not running fast enough during the running intervals :)-- during the "resting" interval you can be flat on your back!! :) If you run fast enough during the running interval, believe me, you won't be "frustrated" -- maybe exhausted!!!!

  • Ah, now there's a thought. Will try and give it my max. I do notice that sometimes it is much harder to push to the limits than other times.

  • Ah, now there's a thought. Will try and give it my max. I do notice that sometimes it is much harder to push to the limits than other times.

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