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No graduation :'(

Well everything conspired against me last night so my graduation run didn't really turn out how it should have. There was lots of stopping and starting to dodge people and cars and then I had a dog jump up on me and nearly knock me over. Couldn't find my stride and got cramp in my left calf again plus a stitch!

Result was I ran for 20, walked for 2, then ran for 10. So no graduation for me yet. Disappointed, but I'm certain I'll nail it on Wednesday night.

I've been doing either a walk or yoga on my rest days which is helping keep me both calm and flexible!

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Poor you! Horrible dog. Good luck for Wednesday. :)


Hi Ange all good things to those who wait, Ed x


Patience is a virtue as they say. You will feel all the more pleased when you get there soon.

Good luck.


Disappointing for you, but you'll get there. All the best for Wednesday - you will do it! :)


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