Dear Newbies,

I have taken the liberty of posting my graduation post in the week 1 section, not because I want to boast about my shiny new graduation badge, rather because I want to share a little perspective with you.

three Months ago I plugged in Laura for the first time and went out with my running shoes on, which I had not worn in years. in fact the last time I ran must have been over 10 years ago. and I struggled to complete the 8 1 minute runs in Week 1 Run 1

However at the end of the guided run I found something strange had happened. as I walked the cool down 5 mins I found I felt serene happy and quietly proud of myself for getting of the couch and doing something to improve my ever decreasing levels of fitness, I was hooked.

I found this forum and was amazed at the unselfish supportive cheerful community that exists to help people like me to achieve their goals. I decided that I would post for every run so that those who followed could see someone else's journey through the 9 week programme and be encouraged by it and hopefully learn from it.

all in all it took me 12 weeks with 2 weeks on the injury couch ( note do not run in overtight trainers and then drop a heavy weight on your foot if you want to finish in 9 weeks ) and one week with an life threatening case of man flu !! ;-)

the important things I have learnt during the 12 weeks are as follows

1. trust Laura and the programme it works

2. proof of this is that as a 53 year old overweight man today I ran 5.05k in 32 mins 4 seconds

3. do not listen to the negative voice in your head that tells you, that you cannot do this ( Gremlin in forum speak )

4. do not get over confident and listen to the over positive voice that says I can do this more quickly than the programme allows ( Pixie in forum speak)

5. if you are hurting rest up and take a doctors advice

6. never give up !

I wish you all the best in your progress and look forward to many new shiny graduation badges for your cohort.

Finally thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way your advice, input, encouragement and humour has cheered me every mile to the finishing line I look forward to hopefully bumping into to some of you at run events as my running career develops

Kind Regards to All



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  • Congratulations on graduating Nick and what a lovely encouraging post! This running journey never ceases to amaze me, as have the efforts and achievements of people on this forum. Good luck with the next stage of your journey - wherever it takes you!

  • thank you

    I am planning on

    1. parkrun this month

    2. getting 5k time to sub 25 mins

    3. building distance to 10k

    4. 10k race at Chilham Kent in October

    5. re finding my 32 inch waist line !!


  • Sounds like a great plan and a perfect time scale!

  • Whilst you are looking, if you see mine anywhere.....

  • Love Chilham.. spent a lot of holiday time there with a chum when i was at University.

    You have great plans!

  • Well done Nick! I agree. Never quit! 'Cept maybe smoking!

  • miss thank you

    agree re smoking I gave up two years ago never looked back ;-)

  • Congratulations for graduating Nick and thank you for a motivating post; I make sure I check on here daily as people are always encouraging and it always helps me keep going on this journey x

  • as did I and still do :-) let me know when you graduate :-)

  • Haha when I graduate I will be shouting it from the rooftops! :)))

  • Yeah!! Woopeee woke to find you've done it!! You just graduated.. huge congratulations.. fantastic post I'm sure it's one many new to c25k will gain a lot from when they read your journey!

    Sorry I was asleep as you crossed the finish line.. I raise my cuppa to you.. and five you a cheer!!! X

  • :-) lazy bones :-) ty for all your encouragement

  • Congratulations Nick, I'm so pleased for you, wear that graduation badge with pride!

  • Well done Nick ! Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation !

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts and the little insights you have given us into Buddhism. We learn so much from others on here, that's why I love it so much !

    Happy Running to you, this is only the beginning ! :-) xxx

  • Poppy thank you for all your support :-)

  • Great post Nick_Buddha_12 and well done and great goals to aim at

  • Speaking of Buddhism, I once read a little book called Finding Shangri la. Charity shop bargain. Great book! It's not about Buddhism exactly but about the early quests to find the elusive holy place. It does give the reader the basics about the religion. I couldn't put it down โ˜บ

  • I have other reading list recommendations if you are interested

  • Congrats Nick - well done!

  • ty

  • Congratulations Nick and well done on shaking off that terrible man flu ;)

    It's great that you have some goals established, just try not to push things too far too soon.

  • ty I will listen to the voice of reason :-)

  • Great post Nick and HUGE congratulations!!!!! Very, very well done! :) Loving the badge!

    Cannot wait to see how your running journey continues.

    " ...and suddenly you is time to start something new, and to trust the wonder and delight of new beginnings".

  • floss thank you for being part of that journey :-)

  • @Nick_Buddha Hi Nick, I'd just like to say well done from a complete Newbie, I've never run before. Your pointers already make sense to me. I'm doing Wk1R2 tonight and hope I'm in your position in the not too distant future,

    Again, well done

  • Lochie, one thing I forgot run slowly you be amazed at how this translated in to great running technique :-)

    I look forward to seeing you progress and keep us posted :-)

    time will fly by :-)

  • Congratulations on graduating! I have also enjoyed your posts throughout the process, and your encouraging comments to me :-)

    BTW, very well done on your 5K - that time is very impressive!

  • :-) well done you as well

  • Well done and congratulations. Excellent idea posting it in w1. So many questions and concerns when you first start ( and a few en route!). I have found the answer to so many by reading posts from earlier more experienced runners. Enjoy your success ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • :) ty

  • I love number 3 and 4 especially! :)

  • Congratulations Nick - every point you make is spot on the money

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