W9R3 - graduation run. No records broken (but no bones either)

W9R3 - graduation run.  No records broken (but no bones either)

It snowed last night, but I'd listened to the weather reports and was prepared. When I stepped out of my front door it looked like this (sorry it's upside down) but still dark. So it was a slow, careful very enjoyable run. The snow is still falling, I left my tracks in the virgin drifts, splashed through slushy puddles, stomped across fields, stumbled over harder chunks of frozen ice which the snow ploughs had tossed onto the pavements (what time do those guys have to get up?!). But it was pretty beautiful with the snow flakes falling against the lamplight. I ran without music, the only sound was the occasional scrape of some poor so-and-so clearing his drive or scraping his windscreen clean. And I kept thinking "graduation run, who would have thought it". When the last 5 minutes came up I had a big grin on my face and then it was over.

What a programme, I really enjoyed it! Many thanks to my running buddies, Running-Scared and PumpKim, from about W5 we were cheering each other on and I will still be cheering you both every step of the way. You really boosted me and I hope we continue to run together! Also thanks to OldFloss for her evocative posts and fantastic encouragement. MissWobble gave me a timely warning about speed and showed me the pleasures of slow running. The list goes on - just about everybody on here is really supportive.

But I need to get to work - will pop by to get my graduation badge on the way!


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  • Congratulations!

  • That looks really pretty!congratulations on your graduation!😊

  • Congratulations! What a lovely way to graduate!

    I hope you are planning some exciting new running adventures.

  • I have so many ideas and want it all at once - which obviously won't work! I would love to do a longer slow run at the weekend, just to see how far I can get. But I also need to consolidate the 30 minute runs, they're still uncomfortable and I want them to get easy (will never happen I know). On the other hand my favourite weeks on the programme were 5 and 6 because of the variety. I quite liked the intervals and might go back to some of them. 5 minutes running 3 mins walking might be interesting.

    In 3 weeks time we're on holiday in France, so I'm looking forward to exploring round there. Running shoes are definitely being packed.

    And then there's the more advanced podcasts, aiming for a 10k, increasing my speed, running to music (haven't done that this time), Audiofuel sounds fun. Plus all the cross training I need to do (and want to).

    Phew, that's a long list!

  • Oh and thank you for your support aswell - you were always there with tips and encouragement - much appreciatedπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  • You're so welcome - I love to see other people come to appreciate the pleasures of running - your enthusiasm is great, and the world is your oyster! You can do it all - just not in the first week perhaps!

  • JaySee, well done you and what a way to graduate in style.

  • Yes!!!!!


    Absolutely brilliant, and what an amazing last run! So beautiful and memorable.

    It is pretty unbelievable when we get to the finishing line, but as ullyrunner says...new adventures out there... I shall be watching and waiting.

    So many graduating this week, it is so exciting, I am spending a lot of time, ( probably a tad too much), following all these friends and their week nine runs!

    You bask in the glory, you've well and truly earned this...then maybe a couple of runs, just for the sheer joy of it?

    Well Done & Big Hug x


    Be careful out there! :)

  • Trees look so pretty frosted with snow - and hey congratulations on your well-earned graduate badge!

  • Congratulations! Well done, especially for keeping going through the snow. Keep it going!

  • Sounds like a very beautiful graduation run - masses of congratulations!

  • Absolutely fantastic Jaysee !

    Many Congratulations to you in your Graduation ! Fab !

    Happy Running to you :-) xxx

  • JaySee YOU DID IT! And absolutely in style, looks beautiful - a snowy graduation run, that's just a bit magical! So sorry for the tardy CONGRATULATIONS! Been swamped working and only saw your post just now.

    Check out your graduation badge! It suits you ;)

    You really have been fantastic throughout this programme, a wonderful support to others and a Mrs Motivator for so many too, including me of course! :) You should be so proud of yourself, I'm amazingly proud of you :)

    AND you did promise not to leave us now... So spill the beans on your first post-graduation run won't you?!

    Very, very well done again x πŸŒŸβœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’«

    P.S: Green with envy... 🐌 3 more snail runs and I'm in badge club too :)

  • *Girly squeal*

    You did it!! Well done and what a day for it.

    Look at that beautiful badge 😁

  • Just quickly hijacking JaySee's glory to see how your back is Kim? Hope much better. Are you running Friday and Sunday? :)

  • All better thank you πŸ’Ÿ

    And yes, I'll finish W8 on Friday and then start 9 on Sunday. If all goes to plan graduation should be the following Sunday 😁

  • Well done, congratulations welcome the grads lounge ;)

  • Congratulations jayseeskinny. :)

    That certainly was a different graduation run. I remember feeling the same on mine.. you know you can do it and you are just bursting with glee.

    Whoop whoop. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    Nice badge by the way. :)

  • Rather late than never, congratulations on your graduation! It's amazing that you can run upside down ;-) . The world is now your oyster! enjoy running (I certainly have) and keep us updated with all the latest.

    It's amazing how we all start this program, thinking the end of the world is here and by the end of it, have caught the bug, have a real sense of achievement and met some really cool/nice/brilliant/supportive (list goes on) people on this forum!!

  • Yeah, took a while to manage the upside down runs. Now I really need to master the normal ones and get a bit faster (I'm allowed to now!).

  • Aha! Belated congrats on graduation! What a great outing in the snow for your graduating run. Well done you!

    Really appreciated your thoughts over the last few weeks, and tonight :-)

    Onward we go! hx

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