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No gym membership, too icy and dark outside?

Hi All, just got back to it after stopping running with a chesty cough end November, went out on Saturday but today, snow and cold when I got back from work didn't want to pound the pavements so decided to move the sofa and SKIP whilst listening to the podcast. I started back on week 2 as I had such a long break. Wow was this a workout, I was well out of breath and just walked up and down the hall in between. I'm not sure if this was that great for getting my leg muscles going again but bril cardio and better than going back to the couch.

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That sounds very energetic! I'd have thought skipping would be pretty good for leg muscles (I tried to use skipping to build up my fitness a few years ago, but gave up because of creaky knees - I think I probably ramped it up a bit too fast though). I sometimes do stair circuits on days when I'm not running - all the way up to the top of our stairs, including one extra one at the end of the landing, then back again. To start with I built up to ten times up and down, now I can do 24 circuits in about ten minutes. Not sure it's very good cross-training (it makes my thighs feel much the same as running does), but it makes a change. Bit boring though!


Must confess used the stairs in the past too, but not as much as you. My knee is objecting to the skipping.


Well done Mrs L though. Good way to keep it going when the weather is bad.


Fantastic job! I have tried skipping but found the balance a problem.

Good for you.



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