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Amazed and outside too

yesterdayni went to my local running store and purchased a new pair of shoes for running. I brought my first pair last year (same make) for running on my treadmill. I had a chat with the girl in store and another customer and today I christened my new outside shoes.

There is a park near to where I live that I often use to sit in my car with my laptop on, doing work and it has a very nice loop around the lake. I had previously walked pRt of the route last year but never attempted to jog or anything.

The path is mainly tarmAc with a little gravel in places. I put my fleece and gloves on and too of at a nice slow pace. I have jogged and walked my way round the whole thing. All 6km in about 50 mins. I walked when needed, or when dodging ice puddles or going slightly uphill. Had encouragement to keep going from another jogger.

Tomorrow I am going to invest in a jacket and some tops as what I have was not really appropriate.

My legs are feeling a little tender. Mainly around the knee to be honest, which i am a little worried about. My shins are okay which had been a problem on my previous attempt at playing outside, although will know more in the morning.

Recommendations needed for appropriate jacket and top wear if you can help.

Happy. Yes. Tender. Yes. Going to go again later in the week. Yes

The plan is to get ready for a 10k in August.

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So long as I have my hands and neck warm and arms and legs covered I seem to be OK in the same as always, cotton leggings and long sleeved t shirt. Which is odd as I feel the cold normally and if I am just going out for a walk I am all layered up. (And I still do my 5 minute walking warm up and down with my runs) It's not like I'm fast either.


You do know you have to post a picture of your new shoes! We're all so nosey and want to see them.

Well done on that run. I'm sure it was lovely running around a lake.

Sport Direct have thermal base layers for about £7.99 and jackets too. Check out their website for sale stuff. I'm sure other people will come up with other recommendations.

Don't forget to stretch after each run as that can help with stiffness. And you can definitely do the 10K in August. Good luck!


Irishprincess my new shoes are children's shoes as my feet are quite tiny. ? will get a flick in daylight. New socks too!

Base layers?

Will have a look at sdirect and see what's in there sale.

I felt a tad cold when walking googleme but over warm when jogging. Had a fleece jacket on with vest top, and tshirt below and gloves. The fleece was heavy though....


sounds like a great place to run/walk :D and a good distance too :)

I just wear a long sleeved top, running tights( cos i absolutely luv wearing them lol ) and a lightwieght jacket , gloves and hat if needed , It cna be a bit cool to start off but once running soon warm up .. layers that can be removed easily is the way to go :D


Thank you. I am going Tom ok tomorrow. I hate wasting money so hope the investment will keep me moving.


You could tie the warm top round your middle and then just pop it back on when you've finished running.

I have a cheap as chips, fab compression top from good old Aldi. I absolutely love it. It is really good for running in cold weather but it's fine-knit fibre. It has a turtle neck and long sleeves which cling round the wrists and it pulls down over my backside, keeping draughts out. Looks marvellous quality ! It's two tone purple pink and has go-faster markings which make one look thin! What's not to like. LOL

Over my Aldi comp top I wear a SD lightweight, waterproof running jacket, two zip pockets. £17.99. I've had mine since I started running and it's great


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