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Well Second run of week two and it went by with only one hitch.

I actually listened to Laura and tried the breathing thing, you know

Four in four out and that stuff. Well I went thorough a couple of cycles of

This and realised I couldn't breath deeply enough! Not sure that comes across

Correctly but I could not suck the air in deep enough to satisfy my huge capacity.

I really mean I was gasping like a carthorse, I quickly reverted back to sniffing the good stuff

And within a couple of cycles I was ok, I guess it is horses for courses at the moment, maybe later, I will try and look at the technical side of running, oh listen to me….lol.

Main thing is run 2 done and dusted and no bit’s fallen off.

All the best


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If you hunt around a bit on here, you'll find a lot of people that tried the breathing thing and decided in the end to do their own thing. (I didn't even try it, but I'm a bit rebellious like that.) So glad that no bits have fallen off.


Ha ha I was the same I only managed 3 in but 4 out. That's what I stick to at the mo, it is currently taking me between 46 and 50 breathing cycles to do a 90 second run (I know you will be incredibly interested by that piece of information!)


Actually just read your post again, sounds like you are having the opposite problem to me, my lung capacity is more Shetland pony than cart horse :-)


I ignored Laura when she said that. She may well be right but at that stage, i was happy just to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I'd also ignore the bit about heel striking if I were you.


I found breathing really difficult and have only just managed to get a good rhythm I breath in for two hold my breath for one second then blow the air out. A running coach recommends this pattern to me and so far it seems to be working. Though I do sound like a steam train:-) good luck on your future runs


I think I'd conk out if I held my breath! It's bad enough when I have to cough or smile! I wonder what the rational is behind that??


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