B210K, W1 R2 – So much better!

Just a short blog to update my progress.

I was able to leave work early today which meant I could start my second run of this programme in daylight which was good as I wasn’t looking forward to going back to evening runs after the Christmas break and it meant I was eased back into it gently :)

I was really geared up for this run and it turned out to be one of those “good” runs we all get but never seem to have enough of…! :O

After struggling with R1, this run went really well. I managed to keep to all four 1 min walking intervals without having to extend the last couple and the last 10 min run went well too; nothing like before thank goodness. I had to stop briefly 3 mins into the third run due to a niggle in the groin area but after a couple of stretches this went away and so I just added a bit more onto the final run to ensure I covered the full 40 mins of running time which meant I reached the 6K marker - furthest distance so far - so well chuffed!! :D

I always thought I was more of a morning runner but this evening’s run went soooo well that maybe I have got that wrong and the longer runs are better later in the day; I will soon see........ Looking forward to R3, hopefully on Friday.

Best of luck to you all on your next run!



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12 Replies

  • This sounds fantastic, Sue! I haven't quite plucked up the courage to try run 1 yet although I have them downloaded onto my Ipod. I'm still using 5k+ and starting to feel better with my running after a rather disappointing/dispiriting time grinding out horrible runs. That sounds gross, doesn't it? I'm definitely getting closer to starting B210k and I did like shelleymcb's idea of doing the B210k runs once a week with the speed and stepping stones in between (or something like that!). As to morning or evenings being better - I always do better later on in the day and so am looking forward to lighter nights again. Good luck. :)

  • Thanks Oona! Hey, no worries about not starting it yet; you will do it when you are good and ready and by the sounds of it you are doing just fine :D

    Yes Shelley has some realy good advice and encouragement for the B210K programme.

    Cant wait for lighter evenings either ;)


  • Well done Sue! Sounds like a fab run!

    You single-handedly inspired me today! I was just about to go out and was pondering whether to do the 5K+ speed podcast or W1R2 of this and reading this made my mind up! I didn't want to get left behind on B210K! :)

  • Brilliant!! Hope it goes well for you too! :) Its great when a run comes together with almost no effort (I did say almost!! :D ) Let us know how it goes.


  • Well done Sue! :)

  • Thanks Ali! :)

  • Awesome, Sue!! I am so happy that your run went much better than the first one!! I struggled with the first one as well, so I hope that I have the same success that you have had!!

    It is amazing when a run goes incredibly well, isn't it!! Hmmmm...why can't that happen more often??? :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Cheers Steve! I'm sure your second run will be fine too ;) as you have said before, the first is always the worst when following a programme like this of 3 runs a week.

    Best of luck!


  • RUN :-) SUE :-) RUN! Such a fabulous run for you! I am so happy it went well and I am positive you will ace run 3!!! :-) Did you ever dream you would be training for a 10K? :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle and for the positive vibes sent across the pond! ;)

    No way did I think to be training for 10K; thats for mad, competitive, real runners right?! :D Do you think we may be having this conversation in the future too......about a half marathon????? :O

    Enjoy your second run too!


  • The only way would be at a tavern hanging over a bar. I would need to be half-looped to decide I could do a half marathon!!! :-)

  • :D :D I think you are so right there Gayle!

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