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Week 5 Run 1

Done and dusted. With a bit extra, as I hadn't got the right podcast and couldn't remember what I was meant to be doing. The uphill bit at the end tried to finish me off, but it didn't succeed. My thighs can remember it though.

I must get all the rest uploaded to my ipod over the weekend, as it gets more complicated from here on, and I'm going to try and listen to the wise advice of graduates on another thread earlier, and stick to the recommended timings for weeks 6 and 7. Assuming I get through the dreaded 20-minuter coming up in the session after next, but I have a very good feeling about that now - I'm actually looking forward to it - must be mad.

Maybe I'll have to do it in snow. That will be interesting. :)

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Fair play Greeners. I downloaded the lot at the start, that would have thrown me completely if I hadn't the right one in my ears.

I start Week 5 in the morning, I'm only hoping the snow doesn't throw a spanner in the works.


I rather hope it snows, so I can hear your report, and find out the answer to your running on snow question. ;) (Don't fall over though - and blame it on me!)


No doubt it would give me grist for the mill of my blog.

I'm still hoping it doesn't though.


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