W6R3 - Prince has a lot to answer for!

Completed W6 R2 last Thursday and the intervals were really getting to me, I was just looking forward to stopping so much! I had planned to do R3 on Saturday, really wasn't looking forward to it at all - just negative thoughts. However I ended up having 3 rest days - I went to see Prince on Friday night and with all the dancing, eating, drinking and generally living it up, I just wasn't in a fit state on Saturday at all!

It was brilliant tho and well worth it as on Monday I went for it and actually quite enjoyed the full 25 min run! Thank God for Pete Tong again, but after the first 5 mins or so I got into a good rhythm. I took all the advice and slowed down to 7.5 kph then upped it again for the last minute to 8.5kph as per Laura's suggestion. Think I ran about 4k all in. The extra 5 mins was tiring but well pleased with myself! Thanks everyone on here for your suggestions and advice, I really didn't think I'd be able to do this!

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  • Aww that's great news! It's tough and there's a lot about running that is about mental conditioning too and pushing on. Well done!

  • Thanks kickibro! I agree, certainly for the last 5 minutes at least I'm talking to myself - just hoping my lips aren't moving on the outside!!

  • Well done for completing this one - feels like a major breakthrough as there are no more walking breaks now.

  • Oo crumbs I just finished Wk6 R2 and did OK. But I am nervous about the next one. RUN for 25 mins?? OMG. Oh well will press on. well done for keeping with the plan x

  • You can do it, just keep a nice, slow, steady pace, and imagine how chuffed with yourself you will be when you get to the end ! :-) xxx

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