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Wk4 run3 in pouring rain and loved it, invigorationtastic lol!!!!!

What an amazing invigorating experience, I had forgotten how nice it can be to run in the rain.

Well my third run and becoming easier again, just needed to kick start my regime again, glad my leg is behaving itself too. Managed tonigh o get by breathing into a nice routine

Was nice and mild so had my shorts on with running t shirt, shell jacket, hat and gloves, oh and the first outing of my new lashing light hat attaches nicely on my arm via a elastic Velcro band.

Overall very chuffed with tonight's outing

Looking forward to my next run on Thursday


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That sounds like a great experience, James. We need to enjoy this mild weather, since we've got a cold snap coming!


I love running in the rain; all those muddy puddles to splash through!


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