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Nike+ sensor

My son bought me the Nike+ sensor for ipod for Christmas. I am wondering if any of you have used this and what you think of it. I calibrated it today so haven't used it properly yet. My biggest challenge appears to be how to attach it to my running shoes. It is made for Nike + shoes where the sensor fits into the sole of the shoe My shoes are not Nike + and have velcro fastenings. I tied the sensor case onto the straps and it fell off near the end of the run Any suggestions? Yes, I know, get Nike + shoes, but I would rather the ones I have.

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I use the sensor & find it pretty good. I tend to use two apps - I start Endomondo at the beginning of my warm-up walk, then launch Nike+ when I start the actual run. Stop Nike+ at the end of the run, and Endomondo when the warm down is over. It might sound unnecessarily complicated but it lets me get an overall calorie count while also letting me track my stats for running.

My shoes have the space for the sensor but you can use the sensor with any trainers by getting a case that fits to your laces. ebay lists them from £1.50 but decent ones seem to be about a fiver. Or you can make your own solution - try 400mtogo.com/2008/02/13/10-... Theywill show you how to make one (including by using origami or by knitting one!). Maybe the most practical solution seemed to be to glue the sensor to the tongue of your shoe. My own idea isn't listed - sew one half of a piece of velcro to the tongue, glue the other half to the sensor, and off you go.

Once you register with Nike+, you can upload your workouts. And once you've done that, you can review your work in all sorts of interesting (geeky) ways. You also get stats on your overall performance / workload and it also shows how you are compared with others.

One last thing - my sensor stops working from time to time. First time, I thought it was faulty & took it back, but it only needed stopping & restarting. It's stopped twice since then, and switching it off and restarting it has worked each time. Instructions on how to stop/start are in the sensor "manual" (it's easy to miss, but it is there).

Good luck - once you get the hang of it, I'm sure you'll love it


Thank you Malcy, I have the little pouch, so may try some way to attach it better to my shoes. I am looking forward to using it for my first run on Monday so I can load my stats. I think it is just a matter to trial and error. May try the Endomondo app you mentioned. Thank for the reply.


Hi Mary, I use the Nike+ and it lives permanently on my shoe attached to my laces with a pouch from amazon. It has Velcro and once on you are unaware of it being there.

I turn on my iPod and set it to the c25k run I want to do and off I go. This includes the 5 minute warm up but so long as you do the same every time you can compare runs. I used to turn it on after the warm up but in the winter with it under my sleeve this was a problem.

The other thing I do is set it for a certain distance or time as I know where I get to from my house for the 5 minute warm up now.

It's a great little gadget and sometimes when you think you haven't had a great run you can look at your data and find that you have actually done well as you have maybe run faster than normal because you have listened to a faster track.


Thank you, mrslazy, I look forward to comparing runs as you say. May just need to use diff shoes where the pouch attaches to the laces. Tomorrow is my first post graduation run!


Can you strap it to your ankle somehow rather than the shoe, then you wouldn't have to buy new shoes? Or maybe get one of the ipod pouch thingies and wear it in that round your ankle, again cheaper than new shoes? I'm assuming it wouldn't work just in your pocket?


Hey Beads, brilliant idea. Or even put it in my sock! Will crack this yet!


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