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Nike Run Club?

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So the time has come to maybe leave Michael at home in bed and go it alone... he has seen me through some tough times, but also some absolute highs!!

I’ve been consolidating for a couple of weeks... (with Michael in my ear) but now feel I need something new?

Has anyone used Nike Run Club? Is it a similar format? I see they have a 32 min run, and a 35?

Don’t want to get stuck in a rut - but equally scared of change! 😂😂😂

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Hi Old Speckled Hen- I have done several of their guided runs-the 22 minute, the 25 minute and today the 5k but I felt ok and carried on a bit. I love the app!! Makes the runs fly by and their tips are very useful. Starting the bridge 2 10k this week and will be using the Nike app a lot. I will also do some of the interval runs to make me faster hopefully!! 😀 I would give the 5k one a go?

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OldSpeckledHen in reply to AlysP

Thank You! I’ll give it a go! What’s the worst that can happen 😂😂

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AlysPGraduate in reply to OldSpeckledHen

I think you will find that when you listen to ‘coach Bennet’ on the app you will be very pleased you left Michael at home😂😂😂

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Love coach bennet! Lots of different runs you can do.

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Hey, it's really great, Coach Bennett is amazing, they've got all sorts of guided runs etc.

Thank You! I tried a 20 min run this morning, just as a starter... Carried on running after the 20 mins were up though as I had a 4K target and knew where I needed to finish (plus it would have been a long walk home!)

Coach Cody was very very chatty!

But liked it v much so will continue!

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I use it a lot... those guided runs go all the way to half marathon distance, and I think there’s currently 3 of them. Most of the distance ones are with Coach Bennett who gets you running the distance/time the right way, he even knows when we are likely to zone out. Other coaches great, as are the ones from the famous folks, though they’re more of a story.

My favourites though are the Headspace ones... Andy and CB pretty much guarantee an easy relaxed run with these.

They’re similar in that they go up through the times... at some point you’ll need to make the leap to distance based too. They’re very different in that they won’t just update you on time... they’ll suggest the effort level, what to be thinking about, what to focus on... and sometimes they’ll distract you from the running.

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