Using my Nike+

So went out today for my first post grad run and used my Nike+ for the first time. Turns out I ran over 6k in the 30 minutes! At least thats what the stats say. I don't quite believe it, so am going to start the Nike+ after my 5 minute warm up next time and see what it says then. I also found a way to secure the sensor pouch. As I said before, my shoes don't have laces so was finding it hard to secure the pouch. I pinned it to my sock! Ingenious! But perhaps it was a bit too lose, so credited me with more distance than I deserve. Anyway, will see what happens on the next run. Still waiting for my badge, by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Amazing time Mary!!!!! :-) I can't remember if I ever asked you a question. ;-) You mentioned being from the States in an earlier post. Do you still live in the States? We, smhall and myself live in a small town in Kansas. Gayle

  • Really Gayle?! I was born in Wichita, Kansas and my grandparents lived in Helena, Oklahome. I assumed all these c25k folk were from the UK. I have lived in Ireland for 37 years now, but grew up in Seattle. So, I am guessing you did not use the NHS C25K programme, right? Mary

  • Small World, Mary!!! We live about 150 miles from Wichita, in Dodge City. :-) We decided to do C25K using the rundouble app for our phones. In searching the net for support and forums related to the program, I staggered upon this site into our second week. So happy I did!!!! I would listen to Laura the day of my run and then pass on all her suggestions to my husband, Steve. We then used the other program because it had GPS and tracked our pace plus we could listen to our own music. As I ran, I would replay Laura's advice in my head. So, all in all, because of this site, Laura and this great Community, we have had a very successful C25K experience!!!! :-)

  • When you attach the sensor, by whatever means, you need to ensure that the plain white side is facing down (therfore the side with the nike swoosh printed on is facing up)

    If wrong way up, or at an angle it will give a false reading as the mechanics inside it can't function correctly.

  • Ah ha. I knew there must be an explanation. The correct side was up, but it was def at an angle as I ran. Will try some other solution. Pity the reading was wrong. :(

  • Well now gdeann,I have been to Dodge City!!!!! But how do you run in that terrible heat in the summer and that terrible snow in the winter? And not to mention the tornados! Come to Ireland, the climate is much friendlier. Mary

  • We may just take you up on the invite someday Mary! :-) The weather here can change at a drop of a hat, as you know. We are joining a gym today to help out over the next few months. We put it off as long as we could. We are not gym people but the other days run seemed more like we were ice skating instead of running! :-) Gayle

  • Hey Gayle. Just say the word and we'll roll out the red carpet. :)

  • Hey Gayle. Just say the word and we'll roll out the red carpet. :)

  • Hey Gayle. Just say the word and we'll roll out the red carpet. :)

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