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What next?

I did W9R2 last night and found it easier than the run on New Years Day, the incline that day must've taken its toll. So now I've only got Saturday's run to do then I'll have completed the programme. I've been wondering what to do next to keep the motivation going, I like the structure of C25K and have downloaded the Stepping Stone podcast, along with Speed & Stamina so I'll still have someone telling me what to do, which for some crazy reason I seem to enjoy!

I found my way onto the jogscotland website for beginners and was looking at their schedule. It would appear I'm an intermediate level 1!


Not sure if this link will work.

I've made a note of the schedule to get from completing a 30 min run to a 40 and then on to 60 mins continuous running. I'm not close to any of the local groups unfortunately so for now I'll have to carry on alone. Then maybe I'll do a parkrun.

Watch this space.

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Congratulations Isabella! I will be looking out for your graduation blog. Then message JR21 to get your shiny green graduate badge. That is the best moment of the whole programme! You are very sensible to look beyond graduation tho. I had a bit of a slump when I finished C25k. The C25K+ podcasts hadn't been posted then and I was at a bit of a lose end but have now worked out a schedule that suits me. Well done. :-)


Thanks Pingle. JR21 has been messaged!


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