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Graduated Today what Next

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Hi everyone, graduated in pouring rain today and looking for what to do next, i realise we have to consolidate but I have the bug, is there a 5 to 10k programme? I want to be running 10k by the end of the summer and then hopefully a half marathon 2019, many thanks in anticipation.

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No idea about future programmes,just wanted to say congratulations! Brilliant you want continue pushing yourself. Very well done!!👍🎉🏃

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to Mumsygill

Cheers Mumsygill, your not far off yourself, keep going and enjoy next week, you will smash it.

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Congratulations! 👍👏🎉

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to SandieF

Cheers SandieF, not far for you now keep going, best of luck.

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Well done! If you look under the topics sidebar you will see Graduates 5K+. Happy running.

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to JulesG1

Cheers JulesG1 I've got plenty of reading to do this evening, all the best.

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Once you have consolidated your 5K runs you then move on and up a bit. I spent several months running 5Ks until they all fell under 30 minutes and I was fine and comfortable. When you get there, 10K is just a few weeks away if you follow a 10% rule (which I did).

Then it could become a bit more structured and longer in order to get to 21.10K. I did my own thing but when I reached 18K I figured I was labouring a bit too much for my taste so I approached it again, right from the beginning by following;

That's where I took time and finished it in around three months (program, not the distance) ;) As a result I ran the distance without any stops or issues.

Remember, there is always a reason when being told to slow down and take it easy. Rushing, at your stage, leads to injuries, and if you get anything similar to what I got, knee and ankle, that would be you out of running for months and then you'd have to take it from scratch.

If I put together the time I spent doing C25K twice, plus injury induced time off, plus time to get back to where I was afterwards, we're looking at just over 7 months or frustration. And that was the easier part of it.

So. Slow, easy, and with patience.

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to mrrun

Great advice thanks very much mrrun

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Jay66UKGraduate in reply to mrrun

Really helpful for lots of us graduating soon or recently - thanks.

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Well done!! 🎉🎉🎉 It’s a great feeling isn’t it!? 😁

If you follow the Bridge to 10k thread on here, there’s a plan to reach 10k on there, plus a whole new community of supportive lovely people. Happy running 😊

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to MrskittyC

Cheers Mrskitty

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Congratulations 🥂🏅😃👍

Ju Ju is taking names for 10 is the Magic Number Programme on this very forum. She has just this second done her weekly film So head over to the 10 k community

Also we have Couch to 5k+ Stepping Stones podcasts which are fab

Then after graduating from Ju Ju there is the kick ass Sami Murphy podcasts which are here for you. Hours of fun for free 😃👍🏃‍♂️

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Big high 5!!!! Well done x

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There’s ju-ju-‘s 10k plan over on bridge to 10k forum. I managed 10k within just over 2 weeks of graduation as I’d done three 5ks (one in the final run of week 7-9). Didn’t stick to 10% rule at all 😳 A few days after graduation I did 6k. Week after 7.4k and a week after 10k. But that’s as far as I’m going this year! That was against advice on here though. I’m consolidating now. Moving to 10k wasn’t too hard. Getting a sub 30 5k is much harder I’m finding! Good luck and well done! 🎓💪🏽

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Cheers Tasha, you've done awesome keep at it.

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Hello, well done!!! If you fancy joining us on Bridge I do a rolling 10k plan. No podcast but a weekly vid and 10k plan. Next one is 15th of June if that suits?

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to ju-ju-

Sounds great Ju Ju I'm up for it!

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Guesty26

I will add your name Guesty

Congratulatons!! What to do next? A cuppa or a pint, depending on your preference ;D

I can also recommend the Couch to 5K+ podcast series, which I've found helpful:

All the best, Neil

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to

Cheers Neil

Congratulations on your graduation!

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Huge congratulations... ! Well done. :)

Consolidation is the name of the game...the new legs need to continue building up, as does the stamina and the core strength.. so loads of 30 minutes and different routes too.

A couple of weeks after that... try the C25K+ podcasts,, great for the discipline in our running...sometimes new graduates try them too soon after Graduation, and wonder why they seem odd... ( the runs that is), They are challenging and teach us a lot... besides being fun.

Check this post out too :)

But for now bask in the glory.... Graduate:)

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Great read and advice, thanks

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Congratulations Guesty. Great achievement!! :)

Very well done and many congratulations.🥇🏃‍♂️

Loads of great advice. Enjoy your running.🌟👏👏

Well done you! 🎓🍾🎉🏃🏃🏃🏃 Linger on the podium and I may join you tomorrow. Heavy rain today wasn't for me. Congratulations to you and all the best for your future running.

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Guesty26Graduate in reply to over61andstilltrying

Cheers 61, good luck for tomorrow I will keep it warm for you.

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Huge congratulations!!

I’m on W7 and have started dreaming of completing the program.

Thanks for raising the query about what next, so many good advices in response. This is gonna help a lot of us

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