In week 9, what next?

I ran the first of week 9's runs today and it was great, I felt really capable. There may be days when it is harder but it was a glimpse into the possibilities..!

I've downloaded the 5k+ podcasts and I intend to stay around the 30min mark (currently I think that's about 4k) until the new year to check my knees are really OK with this, and to gain confidence- I might even get my speed up a little but no pressure.

But then I'd like to aim for 10k (by which I mean an hour or so) and I was wondering if there were any recommendations for podcasts or apps to take me there that won't drive me batty... It's a flaw of mine that I find it very irritating to be encouraged by an app with an American accent and I will miss Laura.


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  • Hi, I had the same problem and I used Audio Fuel which Laura mentions. My favourite is Polyrunner which has different paces you can choose from all over an hour with or without the DJ. I always do the DJ one which gives you ten minute marks and encouragement in places. Pick a slow speed for longer distances and a faster one for a 5k would be my suggestions :D

  • Maggie, could you explain to me more about this Audio Fuel thingy? Polyrunner? Is it like an app? Where do you get it? And how do you operate it? I am completely utterly ignorant of technology and my four years old grand daughter is not available to show me. I haven't got an iPhone so whatever it is has to go on my iPod.

  • I came across audiofuel on the c25k+ podcasts - I think of it as a cross between a dj and a metronome. The music is meant to pace your running. I tried it but it was a bit too prescriptive for me...

  • Actually RCR, I seemed to remember someone mentioning it to me on this forum when I was looking for music with a good beat. I thought it was more heavy metal and not my style. I will check it on iTunes. It looks like I can download it for free, or some of it anyway.

  • Not free I believe. And a big choice. Will see.

  • I got them for free via the NHS site. They're a bit house musicy, personally I didn't get on with then. I'm into just running to my own music now tbh :)

  • I will have to give it another go then through the NHS site. Rather get the free one.

  • Hi, I went to the website for Audio Fuel. I am rubbish at tech stuff too or I would be able to put a link on here! There are different bundles and I bought a couple but I find Poly runner really useful for me. i work full time and so I can pick how long I have time to run and it tells you every ten minute period and reminds you to relax etc. I downloaded it then after a bit of fiddling about managed to add file to library on my ipod. I see other comments here that they didn't like it but for me it is the closest thing to Laura! Good luck M

  • Thanks Maggie, I have not managed to download it as yet. I will get there eventually 👿

  • Ooh! Only 2 runs left before graduation! :) It's good that you already have a plan. I'm afraid I can't help you with apps as I didn't/don't use them since graduating. Good luck and happy running :)

  • Same here, tried one but just doing my own thing feels like freedom and my worry that without a programme I wouldn't run, came to nothing. I hate rest days and can't wait for my next run - just running 5k each time and if I feel amazing, go a little further but making sure my legs recover ok

  • I can only share my post grad experience. I was worried I might not run without a programme to prop me up so went straight into Zenlabs 10k (as. 5k grad it takes you to week 9 which is 4 X 10 min runs with a walk break)! It is an excellent programme but within a week, my knees were sore and I knew I had to allow myself to settle rather than push on again so soon.

    Managed to continue to run X 3 a week and graduated around 9 weeks ago now. Started with 3 X 30 mins, progressed to adding in a 5k, then 3 X 5k and now if I am having a good run 6k. I am just seeing how my legs are and then how they recover after a run. Going to settle now at 3 X 6k if I can but if I feel great, will see how it goes.

    I hadn't realised how going from non running to C25K was going to challenge me and was over confident but listened to my legs and took care of them.

    Even 3 X 30 mins a week is fantastic, 5k will be challenging for a while but if it starts to feel easy, just maybe add a little. The recommended maximum weekly increase is 10% so even going from 30 mins on week 9 to the 10k recommendation of 40 mins is more than that and I was not ready at that time for it.

    Will depend very much on your own fitness though. Keep us posted. There is also a 10k forum

  • It's important as people have said to do 3*5k runs for a while to get comfortable with them. Then on ONE run each week extend by 1k. I found it good to do a parkrun once a week (nice and slow some weeks, a bit faster other week), and the third run I mixed up with intervals and hills. Try to find time to do some squats and lunges which I found really helped with distance, not so much speed.

  • That's my plan - I'm going to stick to around 30mins till after Christmas, maybe a bit longer - until it doesn't feel like a big deal. But I would like, at some point, to head towards an hour and ideally I would have done it with Laura... since that isn't possible I want someone who doesn't annoy :)

    The 5k+ podcasts look good to transition into running regularly and that's what I'm going to start using next week.

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