Couch to 5K

Week 1 DONE!!

What a difference a week makes !!

Last monday it took all my effort to get out of bed to go to work. I would cling for dear life to every single second i could keep my eyes closed.

This morning after a two day break i was up before the alarm, Flo my dog was not budging this morning it to warm for her so off on my own to park i when. Lauras reasurring tones easied me around week 1 run 3.

At the end of the run on my cool down walk on the way back home i actuall found myself thinking that i was a little dissapointed that i was finished. This is a pretty good sign mentally that i what to do do a little more.

Roll on Wednesday when i begin WEEK 2!!

Oh I just wanted to mention how fantastic everyone has been on this forum. Despite running alone it doesnt feel like i am alone and that is down to you guys.

Keep ya posted


PS You all look amazballs toda.

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Woo!! Good for you! It is strange isn't it. We have all been taken over by the Force of Laura. Long may it last and best of luck to you :D

ps one phrase keeps going over in my head - "Who'd have thought it?!" Go us! :)


Well done but it sounds like you are hooked already, there is no escape from Laura now :)


OMG that is so true Holly i keep getting that to. No Escape at all Mirella.

I know there is a long way to go but the thought of pushing myself is kind of a buzz.


Well done! It's a brilliant feeling isn't it. Good luck for week 2 :)


I'm at the same stage as you - had to buy some new headphones as I kept losing Laura and even after only a week, I really can't cope without Laura!!!


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