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Back to earth ... with a bang!


Well, after graduating on Saturday, tonight was my first 'just for the heck of it' run. I set out with 30 minutes in mind and 30 minutes I did but bloody hell ... I must have been dragging a pallet of bricks behind me! 4k took me 32 and a bit minutes when I did 5.2k in 35 and a bit on Saturday!!!

I put it down to a number of things ... it's Monday, it's cold, the hormones are visiting (!), I landed in a huge puddle for the first time since starting this and I'm devastated about David Bowie so all in all although I didn't crash and burn I learned that at least I got out there, I completed my goal in mind and although it may not have resulted in one of my better efforts, I'm still going again on Wednesday then Saturday. So the moral of the story is ... it's now a matter of incorporating running into my way of life and accepting that some days, your socks are just gonna be wet ... get over it!!! Happy running this week everyone :-)

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Monday is a tough run day for me too. Also, the programme sort of propped us up and now we are running because we want to, rather than because Laura expects us to! I graduated about 15 weeks ago, I feel having set running days and being committed to 3 runs a week has helped me. Also, I plan different places to run which keeps it very interesting. I think starting with 30 minute runs is a great idea. I did the same and then on a good day, kept going to 5k. Then I felt I could do 3 X 5k which I did for some time. Keep us updated, great you are a free runner, enjoy it!!


You've hit the nail on the head. The most important thing is running as part of your life. Not all runs will be faster, longer, better, easier. Keeping it a regular part of your life is the most important goal.


As soon as I saw the title I thought of Bowie's man who fell to earth.

I can emulate Bowie's singing voice, so have been singing a lot today, although a sad day, I will carry on singing, so keeping the memory of Bowie alive. He was a South London lad like me but more outrageous.

My wife saw Bowie's June 73 gig at The Fairfield Halls Croydon, so always loves it when I sing Bowie style.... RIP David Bowie😢


Well done Wez, I had to chuckle when you wrote " Some days youre going to get your socks wet, get over it " Ha ha :-D

Yes , good runs, not so good runs, youre out there strutting your stuff and thats all that matters ! :-) xxx

Well done you gladiator. I think "some days your socks are just gonna be wet" makes the perfect title for a running blog. Even if you're not having the best days, your posts always make me smile. I think Mondays are my toughest running days come to think of it.


Sunday's. I have always and I fear always will, struggle on Sunday's. Maybe it's the Yorkshire pudding or the Saturday night small glass of sparkling Perry :)

Well done on getting out there still. We all have bad runs. Don't let them define you, it's merely a warm up for your next awesome run!

Well done for getting out for a run at all. All I managed was to self- indulgently feel sad whilst watching old Bowie concerts, glass of wine in hand.

running with wet socks sounds like no fun at all! There are no puddles within a hundred miles of me here in the hot Aussie summer, but the 38 degree days are a bit hard to cope with

wez70Graduate in reply to Bananabanana3

To be fair, it was only one sock that was truly drenched but then that's the imbalance of life isn't it? ;-)

PS ... running in heat ... going to try that on holiday in August ... on Greece but I'll deserve the post run beers all that bit more!

poppypugGraduate in reply to wez70

Ha ha ! Youre funny ! Love it :-) xxx


Hi there Wez.. Well done for getting out there anyway.... I reckon your time was excellent if you were feeling poorly! It will be better next time, and whatever your time, you're wiping the floor with the "old you". Well done!

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