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Even more B210k (Week 1 done)


Last of the first B210k W1 runs. I felt it might be a bit slower, at least at the start, as it seemed a bit colder and perhaps I wasn't as psyched up as I thought I should be. Not doing the New Year's Day run I said I would may also have contributed. (Got to bed too late and we were going out in the morning and for rest of the day, so time was against me a little.) But in the end a marginally slower run than the last two. I was pleased that it picked up and that the pace was reasonably regular. Don't think 40 minutes continuous would look like this but it's all about building capacity and making sure I have the endurance first. Next run is the first of B210k W2 and 3 x 15 minute intervals. That should be interesting.

Happy New Year everyone and happy running!

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Well done!

Looks like there are a _lot_ of us starting the Bridge-to-10K with the new year. (Though you got a slight head start on us, eh? *grin*) That's so cool! Means lots of other people to chat with as we go through this.

Today is my rest day; tomorrow I do Week 1 Run 2 of B210k!

jandaGraduate in reply to IronMatt

Yes, it's brilliant. I found the group support really very important to motivating myself through the C25k programme and look forward to more of that with B210k. And I'm still grinning. W2R1 on Friday!!


Good morning James! IYou must be really chuffed. Probably the slower-than-usual may be simply due to holiday routine? I'm following your blogs as I am about to join you on the bridge to 10k. Am still stepping stoning/speeding and stamana-ing till these holidays stop and I get back into my normal working routine then I shall take the leap ;-) Very well done :-)


Well done James, a new journey has started and you're off! Yes I too decided yesterday to start this so will be doing W1 R1 later today or tomorrow. I really think NHS should have their own "Laura" version though. Wonder if anyone has enquired about it with them?

Happy New Year to you too! Sue

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to SBG356

Hi Sue, I remember someone asking admin about a bridge to 10K with Laura but the answer was polite but negative. I have no idea how to pull that particular query/ answer out of the archives!

I'm going to start in February. After the excesses of 3 weeks of a) no teaching b) no reserach aaaargh! and c) food and drink I need to regain my previous speed and stamina so I'm C25k plussing till then, hugs Delia x

SBG356Graduate in reply to DeliaItaly

I might just contact them anyway and see if I too get a "polite negative"! What a missed opportunity though......

Hope you get back into a routine soon - we all so desperately need to I thnk!

Big hugs too {{Delia}}

Sue x

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to SBG356

BTW did I ever tell you that one of my best friends from school was from Downham? Great memories of The Green Man pub -- is it still there?

SBG356Graduate in reply to DeliaItaly

What conections we have Delia - London, Downham, Bloomsbury Publishing.....

That pub has been derelict for years and has just recently been demolished. I am not even sure if I can remember it ever being open as I am originally from East London and moved South when I met my hubby. I have been in this area about 8 years now and previously lived in Honor Oak Park.

I dont know what it was like back then but Downham is pretty dire now......my postcode is Bromley so that is where I say I am living even if it is down the road from Downham and Catford!!!! I am not really a snob, honest......


DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to SBG356

You know Sue, I have this theory about life and how we are all magically connect to people we meet and that nothing is casual and happens by chance, but if I go down that road you really will think I'm crazy! Or rather you will think I'm a genius as meany great philosophers think the same (Blush!)

Gosh, I'd clean forgotten about Bloomsbury! Which means that by now you have sussed me out. There can't be that many Delia's and I'm certainly not Delia Smith...

SBG356Graduate in reply to DeliaItaly

Crazy? Genius? Hey, it doesnt matter, you are a running buddy.....thats what matters to me.

Chiaro? Linguistics?? Continuum?? Defo not cooking!!!!!

If you ever come to the offices it would be great to meet up.......


DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to SBG356

That's me, Continuum Linguistics -- my editor was/is Gurdeep Mattu, so just passed over to Bloomsbury although the book I'm working on now is with Routledge. I'm very lucky and honoured to be working with such prestigious publishers.

Next time I'm in the UK we must certainly meet up! I should be giving a talk in Durham soon so I will certainly take advantage of a visit home :-)

SBG356Graduate in reply to DeliaItaly

I know Gurdeep, in fact most staff as I work in HR, so was involved in their move over to Bloomsbury.....small world indeed.

Hi all, I'm starting B210K this weekend too! I'm really looking forward to it. It is great a few of us are doing this together as i think we all understand the difference the support on here makes!

James or Matthew, what is the music like on these podcasts? I ask as I have downloaded a 10K app which I *think* follows the same programme (I've not compared them in depth, but the first week is the same), but you are able to listen to your own music and it just provides simple prompts when to run and walk. I also heard that Samantha is very quiet and hard to hear! Do either of you have any thoughts on this?

Is there a specific B210K app you're using?

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to ross10

yes, James suggests --- crikey, can't find it -- but its' in a drop box somewhere as I downloaded it the other day. Janda... please help! Cheers, delia


Hey. What a community this is! The podcast I am using is the Samantha Murphy B210k podcast previously linked on this blog. I believe there are apps out there should you want to use one but this does as well for me. The music is mainly American rock stugf but I can bear most stuff. She doesn't give much guidance except to tell you when to start and stop, walk ir run, etc. She is hard to hear, definitely. I guess you need to do what is good for you. Good luck. And come on NHS, bring back Laura.

SBG356Graduate in reply to janda

I have just sent a message to John telling him how we all want a "Laura" version of B210K and how the brilliant success of the C25K here and around the world should be enough to warrant this!

I asked him to pass it on to the powers that be who make such decisions....will let you know the response I get!

Maybe if enough of us ask for it then they may do it but not holding my breath....

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to SBG356

Thanks Sue! You never know our luck...


Well done Sue and thanks. Will send a post soon too. Cheers. James

Yes-without Laura just how different it will be! As you all know by now I'm not running for another 2 weeks, then easing in slowly, but I am still wanting to know how it goes for you. Well done James in completing the first week.

I too will send a note to admin-just what are they playing at?? Maybe Laura called it a day? maybe down to cost? Either way they should continue the thread. If we all flood them with requests, then surely they will get the message?

I've downloaded the link for B210K onto my pc-now I can't find it. I may have to mail you nearer the time James, so I can download onto my ipod.

I'm wondering though if this will be for me at all, as I have hearing difficulties anyway-my ipod is on full volume anyway- as she is hard to hear!

I've discovered we have a Park Run here in Poole after all. My hairdresser/beautician was giving me a massage yesterday and we were talking about running, and she told me about it. 9am Saturday mornings in Poole Park-so can be part of my 3x a week. It is a long run-probably an hour for me, but with others' so will be enjoyable. Got to register for that.

Meanwhile keep on Running everyone. Here's to a great fun packed 2013.

thinnerandfitterGraduate in reply to Pearsey

Hi Colette -

How are you - another 2 weeks sounds like a pain but best to be completely better. Perhaps we can be the "second wave" of B210K starters - let the others test it out for us first. I just managed my first run after 3 weeks out this morning and did just over 15 mins. I need to get back up to 30 mins and 5k securely before trying to do more.

I'll be interested to see how they all do (and I'm also wondering how I'll fit the extra time into my busy days :-0

Hope your recovery continues well and happy new year from a little further north and east :-)

Ann xx

Thank you Ann. Yes coming along nicely-I just need to be patient, and if it isn't ready in two weeks time, then I'll wait another two weeks. it can take up to 3m for a knee injury to repair itself, so I'm not rushing it by any means.

I won't be starting Park Run for a while yet, but I will register anyway.

Yes-I agree, let's be the second wave of B210 starters, and see how the fore runners get on with it all, lol!! :-).

Rosn-take your time-another bus will come along. Don't push your ankle, it will only regress, and you don't want that hun :-). There are a few of us out with injuries, so you won't be a lone starter for B210 by a long chalk. Now R.I.C.E.

Happy New Year all from South West. We couldn't be more extreme if we tried Ann, lol!!

Colette xx


Hi Colette. Thanks for that. I'll dig out the link to Sam Murphy when you need it. In the meantime, maybe give that Parkrun a go. I have registered but have yet to find that window in my diary to fit that one in. Cheers!

Pearsey in reply to janda

Cheers James! xx


I've downloaded the podcasts but think it may be a while before I join you all. Haven't been running as much over Christmas and New Year then last weekend I went over my ankle half way through a run (had to limp home). It's not too painful but don't want to make it worse.

Hopefully will get started B210K soon but in the meantime good luck to everyone else who's starting.


Thanks for the post rosn123. Hope that ankle heals up quickly. Don't rush anything as there's always time to start the programme later. Best of luck.

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