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I don't know if I'm running properly


I joined a running group 8 weeks ago, middle of January, 2020. I am overweight I carry all my weight in my stomach and back fat and my butt I have long legs and I used to run when I was younger and I've always been active my whole life but now that I'm 50 years old I haven't been active for a couple of years I'm running quite slow I am finishing close to 5K three times a week but I'm also having trouble sleeping and I don't know why I feel great after exercise but I'm like a zombie throughout the day and also last night I started doing a muscle Conditioning class hoping it would help with my running so I don't know if I have to lose the weight first and then run or just continue what I'm doing

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I don't feel I can give you advice as I'm a novice, maybe ask your running club or your doctor? But good luck - you've taken the first hard step.

I’m no medical expert but I feel my whole physiology changed when I turned 50. I’ve never been a runner although very sporty in my youth. I think my weight gain was largely due to hormonal changes and metabolism but I may be wrong. Am now in week 7 and super proud of my efforts. Sleep is an issue for me but that’s been the case for a while.

Love2run1969Graduate in reply to helenjjohnson

Thanks for your comment I'm running on average about 10 miles per week close to 5K I run three nights a week and I'm eating well but in 9 weeks I've only lost 5 lbs and I just did a muscle Conditioning class last night so I'm definitely sweating I'm working within my right heart rate range but I'm just I'm not sleeping well at night I'm so wound up after my run I feel great but I'm totally exhausted the next day


Welcome to the forum.

You probably feel like a zombie during the day because you are not sleeping well at night.

This could be some other issue that is not in any way related to your running.

Introducing strenuous exercise into a relatively inactive lifestyle can trigger all sorts of physical responses, some beneficial, others not.

It doesn't sound as if you are doing anything wrong, so if you are concerned then consulting your GP would probably be the best course of action, if you are concerned.

Love2run1969Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Hi thanks for responding Noah sleep hasn't it's been a problem in the past my sleep but when I try to fall asleep I'm really wound up after the run because I'm only in week 8 with my 5K group and I'm running about 10 miles per week I'm running at night though the group starts at around 7 at night so I don't get home till like 8:30 eat dinner I'm pretty exhausted but I'm also really wound up and last night was the first night I tried a muscle conditioning cuz I wanted to do it in between runs but my whole entire body is sore my legs are aching at night so I'm finding it hard to fall asleep


I’m overweight too, when I started week 1 I was just off 118kg. The running has made me feel loads better and dropped almost 5kg in 6 weeks combined with an improved diet. Don’t rule out something other than the running, bottom line is if you don’t feel right see your GP

Love2run1969Graduate in reply to Petejohnson

That's awesome losing that much weight in 6 weeks I'm in my 9th week running approximately 10 miles a week and I've only lost 5 lb and I'm eating well but good for you I don't know really what my GP could do I don't know if I'm just exhausted like I'm over doing it I don't know if I should just keep pushing through I'm not going to give up obviously


Hi there, again, I'm no expert, but I wonder if your sleep is effected because you are eating so late. I know eating late effects my sleep. Is there any way you could eat before you run or is there not enough time to do that and let it settle before you go out?

Love2run1969Graduate in reply to Lifebeginsat

Hi thanks for your response know I've only eating protein only have like one piece of chicken after my run and lots of water so I don't think that's it


I don't think there's a particular issue with running and weight unless you have an underlying health issue, but it can make running more difficult for obvious reasons. If you're worried you should check with your doctor. Otherwise, just take it very slowly, maybe look up Japanese slow running on YouTube.

Regarding sleep, I try to run in the morning, or at least before lunch now. I discovered early on that I don't sleep well if I exercise in the evening. If you have no other choice, you could try a warm bath before bed and see if that helps.

Good luck!

Love2run1969Graduate in reply to Speedy60

Thank you so much for your response yeah I do run at night and I'm pretty wound up I do runs slowly slow but thank you your words are encouraging I'm definitely going to keep it up

Speedy60Graduate in reply to Love2run1969

Probably a good idea to throw your scales away and use a tape measure instead. You will find everything firms up as you get fitter. 👍


With all the exercise you are doing you are undoubtedly building muscle at the same time as losing fat. This will be slowing down your overall weight loss (which is still happening, it’s just not as fast as you want it to be) - but I bet you’re losing inches as you become stronger and more toned!

I would suggest getting your GP to check your hormone levels, you could have low thyroid levels or be pre-menopausal, but to me, your exercise and diet sound pretty spot on. Get yourself checked out and keep on doing all that good stuff, you’ll get there!

Oh, and maybe you’re not sleeping because you’re stressing out over all this? Just a thought...you’re doing great, be kinder to yourself 💕

Love2run1969Graduate in reply to shsoga

Thank you so much for your comment you're probably exactly right that sounds like me I do get anxious and I do stress over stuff like this I am actually postmenopausal because I had surgical menopause when I was 39 and it's not my hormones because they were checked already I think it's just yeah I'm stressed about it I want to do well I'm a type A personality and I've always been athletic my whole life and I do need to rest because I probably am pushing it thank you though


Hi there - it appears that you are doing everything right: eating well and exercising. As said earlier, trust a measuring tape rather than the scales of doom! Measure your waist and hips every 4 weeks, notice how loose your clothes become.

Regarding the tiredness, do speak to your GP, ask them to do a blood test, it's not just hormones but also other things like iron levels that may be too low?

If levels are low, your GP may advise you an the correct supplements and vitamins to help you. Good luck! :)

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