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Happy New Year!

Just completed w1r2! Feeling good. Still beetroot, but stretched properly and much less painful today, which is great. Wasn't going to go out today after last night's shannanigans, but after spending most of the morning clearing up and then the afternoon sofa bound watching 'Bugsy', then 'Annie' with the herbs, felt I really needed to - weird. And I ENJOYED IT! As I am not back to work until Monday, I am wondering how much more challenging it will be combining the two...

Anyway, have posted this as a question also, but can anyone recommend an app that lets you use your own music but still hear voice prompts?

Best, Beetroot face/Amanda

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Well done and welcome to the forum. I also go beetroot but I see it as a measure of my effort!! I have an android phone and use RunDouble. It lets me play my own music but I can also run Laura through it when I need some reassurance. You can set up it up to give you voice prompts as well as select various stats to view at the end and see your route online. There are other apps out there that forum users can advise on. RunDouble is free for the first two weeks then you have to buy it but it isnt expensive.

Good luck with the programme.


I just posted under your question and this is the same app. I suggested Amanda.


Thanks PeaBea - have downloaded the app and will give it a go.


can't recommend any apps but just wanted to say well done for getting up and out today - feels good don't it!


Thanks - and yes, it really does!


Well done Amanda!!!! YES!!! Beetroot red suits many of us runners! It coordinates well with many of the lovely colors we choose to wear. :-) Great job in getting out there again. As time goes by, it will become second nature for you. Wishing you a blessed 2013! Gayle


Thanks Gayle and to you and yours too! :)


Excellent, Amanda!! Bit by the bug are going to end up being a RUNNER if you aren't careful!!! :-)

As Gayle mentioned, we used the RunDouble C25K app and it allows you to play music as it runs in the background. We had no problems with it and it sounds like it may be just what you are looking for!!

Again, well done getting out there and completing R2!! Keep it up and you will be amazed at how quickly you progress!!

Happy New Year and Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve - it's all the support on here that is really motivating! Amanda


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