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W1R2, done and dusted

After the de-cluttering and double vision debacle of yesterday, today once more dawned with what I like to describe as very Welsh weather. Now, if you are from Wales, please don't be offended by my terminology, I myself am Welsh, a native Welsh speaker and very proud of my heritage. But, let's face it, the weather leaves much to be desired. If it wasn't for the fact that I've had so many chest x-rays, I'd be sure I'd grown up with gills instead of lungs.

Today offered that sort of rain that appears to defy gravity and go upwards as well as downwards.

However, the ever-reliable Met Office promised me it would dry up between 12 and 3.They didn't let me down. As soon as the last (or what I hoped would be the last) raindrop succumbed to Newton's famous law and meandered its way to earth, I strapped my calf in its numerous layers of tubigrip, pulled on my trainers, donned a very lightweight (but in my recollection not very waterproof) rain jacket, put Laura in my pocket, got in my car and headed for the next village (it's flatter, and nobody knows me).

So, to the run. Well, as I've said before, it's more of a run/walk/wheeze affair. It went well. Seemed easier than last Thursday, although I still noticed the previously invisible inclines. Fortunately they happen in the first half of the run.

I had some pain in my shins, either side of the tibia, on both legs. They are still tender to touch (I know, don't touch them them!). I presume this is just muscle pain due to me reawakening them after many years of slumber.

I'm just hoping that the Met Office will be nice to me again and order a dry afternoon for Wednesday. I can't go before that, working 10 hour days healing the eating disordered of Gloucestershire. I'm just too exhausted to go out on those days.

Onward and upward :-)

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Good job, Sian. As you say onward and upward, dibs to you for starting this in the wind and rain - by the time you've graduated, you'll be able to build on your speed, time and stamina and by Spring you'll be running from your village to the next and back again in the sunshine!


I believe I have seen the sun in Wales. I hope it makes one of its appearances for you on Wednesday. lol

Seriously - well done for getting out and doing it, R3 will be easier - honest. Be careful of the shin pain - I don't think it's normal for the pain to persist let alone be tender to touch so you may need to get it checked out.


I've had similar pains in my shins before when walking quickly in very flat shoes. I wear a pair of Asics running shoes, so you'd think the support would be sufficient. The pain disappears after a day or so and is not so bad that that I can't do things. They've got two days of sitting on my backside to recover. Fingers crossed. If it persists, I'll get my gait analysed.

Thanks for the encouragement :-)


Your blogs make me chuckle! When we started we had every ache and pain imaginable!!! Most would disappear a day or two after a run, some more serious and we needed doctors advice. We still have aches and pains which i'm chalking up to old age!!!! Shoes can make all the difference, it really is worth it to go see how your step is and find the right shoe. You are doing great!!!! Gayle


I'm glad I make you smile. Thanks for the reassurance and encouragement Gayle. Shins aren't so painful today, so by the time I next run, on Wednesday they should be fine. Oooh I wonder where I'll hurt next. It's so exciting. (As you can tell my life's not filled with thrills!)


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