New year, new me!

New year, new me!

As my 40th birthday is in December 2013, I will make this the year that I become a runner.

I will be starting my first run tomorrow, January 1st and I am super-excited!

I have about 8 stones to lose and I know that it will be a long journey, but the time is right. I am combining the running with following the Slimming World eating plan and swimming before work as well.

After a pretty awful year, for many reasons, I am ready to give some time to myself so that I can start living, rather than just existing.

Happy running, everyone!



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12 Replies

  • Hi Red, let me welcome you to C25K and i hope the plan is a success for you. If you follow the plan you will no doubt graduate before you hit 40. Please remember there will be times when you have bad runs, bad days, bad weather etc, but stick with it and you will get there.

    Really good luck, Ed x

  • Hi, well done you are going to love it. When I first started I could not run for 30 sec but now I am a runner. I was 47 in october and started c25k I have now graduated, 3st 7lbs lighter with the help of weight watchers and just started b210k.

    You can really do this, just follow the programme and even though you may think you will not finish some days trust the programme and you will.


  • Hello. Great that you are starting. Hardest thing I found was to actually get out there. My mantra for years was "I am not a runner", yet I find that having done this program I actually can run for 30 minutes - planning my graduate run for later today :-) Since August I have lost almost 2 stone, still about 10 lb to shift but thanks to the running I am much more toned than I was, who knew that running helps tummy muscles! So happy running, take one week at a time and listen to Aunty Laura, she knows what she is talking about :-)

  • Well done you - the worst bit is over .... Starting I just know your be hooked good luck x

  • Take it slowly - and keep to those three times a week and you'll get there. If it gets tough as you go on, don't be afraid to repeat a run, or even a week so that it feels more manageable. Minor setbacks are just that - and you need to avoid injury. You can do it!

  • That's great to hear - you will do this. Take it steady, don't worry when you have bad runs (you will!) and keep coming here for the amazing support from everyone. All the best,


  • Don't become disillusioned if you find you haven't lost weight after 4 weeks. The weight in muscle you gain counters the weight you lost. Take a photo of yourself now in the mirror. Follow your plans through until this time next year and take another photo then compare the two. Also take things steady and don't get carried away with the running. I got over-confident and injured myself and haven't been able to run for the last six weeks. I've felt myself expanding over christmas!

  • Welcome back Reddress! A lovely goal to have for this year. Keep to the program and you will achieve it that's for sure. All the very best and keep posting about your journey.

    Sue x

  • Well done you, remember slow and steady, I am doing slimming world too to get rid of post baby weight, lost 2 stones before Xmas quite easily just sticking to the plan, so figured if I just listen to Laura I'll be running 5k in no time ;-) you can do it and it is so lovely to have more energy to use doing fun things ! Look forward to reading your blogs and charting your progress.

  • don't forget it's 95% in the mind, as long as you have the motivation you will do it, that doesn't mean it will be easy, there will be times you will have to draw on your inner strength, remember it is always easier to give up. This time last years fitness, running and the gym were something I had given up years ago, I had a family fallout that gave me the motivation, I'm now three stone lighter and am fitter than i have ever been. Stay motivated.

  • WELCOME! You will indeed succeed if you follow the program to a T and make healthy choices. :-) This is a great Community to come to for support, motivation and advice. :-) Gayle

  • Please forgive me for my slow response, but...WELCOME, REDDRESS!! The year you become a that is a wonderful goal!! What is even more important is, "I am ready to give some time to myself so that I can start living, rather than just existing." Life most certainly has a way of getting in the way at times, doesn't it? From work, to family, to friends...we seem to allow ourselves to fall to the back of the line. Good for you for putting yourself back at the front where you belong!!!!

    Have faith in the program. It is well designed and very doable. There will be days when you don't think that you can do it, but YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Most of all, have faith in YOU!!! You must believe...after all, you are about to become a RUNNER!!!! :-)

    Run, my friend!! :-)


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