Happy New Year to everyone 😊

Happy New year everyone & thanks to everyone who supported me on my c25k journey! To all you newbies a really warm welcome to your running journey this is a great program & forum! 2017 going to be a great running year! Started my year by signing up for my first 10k in May to give me plenty of time to prepare😊Not been out for a week & a half as had a chest infection but im going all out for it once it clears!! Good luck & happy running everyone 🏃🏃😊🏃🏃x

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  • Happy New Year Phillis!

    Brilliant news that you have registered for a 10k!

    Get well soon! 😃🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Well done you! I hope that infection clears up soon.

    I can't decide whether to push for 10K or not. Do you know how you are going to do it?

  • Well im going to start back into it gently after this infection clears up then i have downloaded an app for 10k im also thinking of joining ju jus challenge but i havent run since 20/12 which is a long break!! Weather not great up here either! 😊

  • I have just been out for my first run since 22/12 - ill over Christmas...will spare you the details... I had to prove to myself that I still could! Although I managed OK, I don't think I would be ready for ju-ju's challenge by next week.

  • Not sure I will be either also been ill last two days so will be taking it slowly when I can get back to running but I will get back😊

  • Happy New Year! I'm so impressed with you deciding to go for 10k. I've had a disastrous few weeks running wise and really need to try and get back into gear. I think I will need to start at 20 minutes again I have had a three week break! Here's to our successful runs in 2017! Xx

  • We will get there😊I've not been well either & il be getting back into running slowly so von99 you are not alone we can get back to it together! I think il be a few more days yet as feeling really drained. Xx

  • Happy New Year Pc59 😊

    Sorry to hear you're poorly, hope it clears up quickly. My chest infection has lasted the whole of December, and only just starting to feel like a run might be possible. Santa gave me a buff and Im looking forward to trying it out.

    Wow that 10k challenge is a good un' I will be trying for 10k too (not a race though) so we can compare notes.

    Hoping to be ready by 6th for Ju ju's challenge too. xxx

  • O Jan mines not a race either il be chuffed if I finish!!! It's been a right pain not getting out with this chest infection but I will get back to it may have have to go back a few weeks to get into it again but I will! Would love to do ju ju challenge but not sure il be fit enough!! We will certainly compare notes & love to keep in touch to keep motivated x😊

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