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New Year, 1st 5K and Polar Bear Dive


Happy New Year Everyone,

I wish you all a year of longer running times, longer distances and most of all a better you because of it.

I know for me, because of this C25K program, I feel better, breath easier, don't hurt as much, sleep better and look better.

Some of you know my story (profile) and today is the day. Today I tell my wife that this run is dedicated to her and I will continue running so that I may be around for as long as I can to take care of her when the times are tough.

So today, I run my first 5K and 100 meters before the finish line I take a quick Polar Bear Dive into Lake Washington (Seattle, Washington USA). This should be fun and I am sure there will be many people there to encourage us to dive in.

I hope you find your reason to run and it is enough to keep you going. Small goals and achievements lead to Great Goals and Great Achievements. Because in the end....

.... You Will Feel Better, You will hurt less and most of all YOU LOOK MARVELOUS!!!


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Good luck & I do hope you don't meet any Polar Bears!!. Looking forward to reading the run report. ☺


Wow, wonderful New Years gift to her. I hope she is very proud - especially when you leap into that freezing water.

Very best of luck to you both in 2016!


What a lovely post and good luck with your first 5k! Here's to a all those lovely runs waiting for us. In 2016!


Brilliant, you are amazing . A true inspiration !

Happy New Year to you and your wife xxx


You sure are a nice person. Good luck with your dip. Brrrrrrrr. Happy new year to both of you

You will have her in tears Scott. She is very lucky to have you. Wish you both all the best for 2016

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