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Feeling More Positive

I'm still having problems with my back / hip / sciatica / whatever. I've seen a lovely chiropractor 4 times now but it's still not quite 100%. Fingers crossed, the next 3 sessions will get it sorted once and for all.

Anyhoo, Dr Mitch has been pleased with my progress and I've got my positive head back on. The lighter mornings have certainly helped with my get up and go mojo, and I've managed to do two 30 min runs during the last week or so (my last 30 min run previously was on New Year's Eve!). Dr Mitch is happy for me to keep running as it helps to keep me mobile and luckily I don't have any pain when I'm running. I've been doing my calf stretches every day and I haven't had another cramp *touch wood*.

Some lovely person on here did a link to a One Hour Runner plan which I'm hoping to start soon as I've really missed a structured routine. As I'm getting back into this running malarkey, I have set myself three targets for this year:

1) Complete the One Hour Runner plan, and

2) Actually run 5k (at my current pace it should take me around 37 minutes)

3) Do the 30 Day Shred again

Small steps!

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I'm glad things are improving for you, and glad also to see that you have good things to say about your chiropractor I swear by mine (and sometimes at her :O ) but she does me far more good than the physiotherapist I'm currently seeing. There seems to be quite a lot of doubt and mistrust of chiropractors and yet I feel mine looks at the whole system whereas the physios I've seen only treat the problem area. In brief, I dislocated my shoulder and am seeing the physio for that partly because I can't get to the chiro. I told the physio that I was also having issues with my neck and back, and my hip and knee on the opposite side, and yet she is just treating the bad shoulder.

Anyway - sorry! Didn't mean to rant here! Your targets look very sensible and achievable (ouch for the 30-day Shred though) and all the very best with getting back into it. Keep us updated with your progress :)


The chiro deals with balancing the whole body, which sounds what you're looking for. I hope you feel better soon

Jana I'm about to embark on 30 day shred! I think a plan is a good idea. I did the Bridge to 10k, and while I struggled and re-ran weeks, I got there in the end

You have to be flexible I think as if you make hard and fast plans, and they go wrong, you can be left feeling deflated. So you have to allow for bad days and factor those in

Good luck with it. I'll be a fellow Shredder. I think Rockette is Shredding too!


A physio, like a doctor, only treats symptoms in the area where such symptoms present. A chiropractor (or any other 'complementary/alternative' therapist) tends to treat the whole person. I generally feel that for chronic problems your chiropractor is the better bet. Glad it's working though and you are able to run again. Best wishes.


Yey!!! Despite having a lovely new mattress and divan delivered yesterday, I FINALLY dragged myself out of bed and ran for 32 minutes this morning!!! The longest I've ever run for!


Good stuff Jana. That's really good news. You won't be able to stop yourself now, body permitting o'course, and I think motivating yourself won't be a problem. You'll be champing at the bit to get out there


I can tick off goal Number 2!

Have run 5k three times this month - Sat 12th / Fri 18th and Thur 24th



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