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Another B210K class member :)

Yes I have also taken the plunge and decided to join the B210K class of 2013!

I haven't been able to run for a while due to several health issues including a poorly knee but you cannot keep a C25K graduate down for long! So I have decided to get back out there and tackle this new challenge head on.

My usual route is still flooded so I shall have to go to a gym to begin the programme as I still have to take care of my knee. The pavements where I live are in a terrible condition, so I cannot take the chance of running along them.

I am really excited about beginning this programme and looking forwad to the structure it will bring. It is wonderful how so many of us are involved and giving so much support to each other. I am slightly scared that some of you are talking about 1/2 marathons :D yikes, I cannot see me making that distance somehow but you can guarantee my support for those who are aiming for this. But for now 10K here I come :)

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Wahoo! Another one joins the club! That's fantastic, Magster -- the more the merrier! :-)


Welcome to the B210K club! It's great to have another member! Best of luck with it and keep us updated! :)


Thank you - quite excited now:)



Welcome to the club Magster :-)

If you've been out due to injury and have the facility to use apps, you might want to check out 'Ease Into 10K' which is a slightly longer, gentler program than 'Bridge'. I have also come back and embarked on 10K training following a couple of months off due to illness/injury and I have been using this program since Christmas. It's quite flexible and you can jump in where you like or skip weeks/runs if you think you don't need them.

Best of luck. Looking forward to hearing how your getting on :-)


Thanks for this information I shall have a look for this app as it might be better for me. best of luck to you too.

Maggie :)


Welcome, welcome, welcome Maggie!! Its great to have another member for the ever-increasing 2013 B210K club :D

Just take it at your own pace and use the podcast/app that suits you best - we are all doing slightly different things over 6 or 9 weeks but aiming for the same goal which is great! Keep posting about your new adventure as we can all draw encouragement from one another.

Happy running! :)

Sue x


Thanks Sue, I shall certainly take your advice and run to suit me especially at my old age! I shall certainly keep posting especially as I am starting on a treadmill instead of my lovely running outdoors but needs must! Happy running to you too :)


Welcome, Magster!! Wow, we have quite a growing group here!! Take good care of that knee!!

I agree with you on the half-marathon idea being unfathomable!! But then again, when we started this, I considered 10K to be unfathomable!! ;-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve, I think I shall see if I can ever run 10k first! I never say never but I really think it would be a big ask for me to run any further but you never know :)



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