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W9R2 - More consistent


I did my second run on Monday. Not really much to report. I ran faster overall at 7.5km for most of it and at the end ran my fastest ever of 10km/h. I'm still only reaching around 3.7km though which is really slow. I'm hoping to run around 8 km/h to reach 4k for my final run. I'm happy I can run 30 minutes no problems. I feel like now I can just continue to work on my PB!

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See you on the virtual podium later today then Zee. Have a fab run👍🏻

Running 30 minutes no problems Is great! Pace will come in time. I look forward to your graduation post 🙂


Great job you’ve done... enjoy that last run to the podium.


Thats fabulous. The furthest distance I achieved was 4k and that was the final run. I did my first run as a graduate yesterday and went for the 5k. Took me 38:05. I excpected 40mins plus so I'm pretty chuffed. I did miss Sarah wispering in my ear that I can do this ad it was hard at times. Really looking forward to hearing about your final run, then step up onto the podium :-)


It’s not about speed or distance. It’s simply about finishing the sessions. There’s no need to push things

Pushing to go too fast too soon, before running legs get built, is a recipe for disaster Take care Slow and steady builds running legs 💪

Zee221bGraduate in reply to misswobble

You're right misswobble I can get carried away with logistics 😅 I'll take your advice!


I concur with the 'slowly slowly' approach - did my fastest run this morning for Wk7R3, but still only did 2.75K!! My goal for my graduating run is 3.5K but if I only make 3K I will be pleased as punch! Sounds like you're going great guns though, I'm a firm believer in 'go for it if you feel comfortable and confident' - that was my philosophy this morning, I feel really good so pushed it a bit and knocked 1 min 15 secs of my usual mins per mile average (must change my Apple watch to KMS :oo), I guess we all have those defining moments when suddenly we feel more 'able' - hoping to consolidate this over Wk8 and then see what Wk 9 brings!

Zee221bGraduate in reply to Boofle999

That's awesome Boofle999! After all only we know what we are capable of, and if we can go that bit further then why not?! I think you'll get to 3k easy, and the adrenaline rush in the last couple minutes will spur you on even more! Good luck!


Indeed, I think we have to listen to our minds and bodies - not hold back if they are telling us that we CAN go that little be further or faster. I certainly don't feel like that every time I run, mostly it's just a case of slogging it out until Laura says I can stop - O;) - but those days where you feel ready to take it up a step are awesome, and I'm not talking about pushing it beyond what you're capable of, but just cranking it up a notch, after all, isn't that how we progress, but pushing that bit harder when we are ready?

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