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W4R1 - survived !

Must admit that I wasn't looking forward to this - the first time I'd be running more than walking for 30 minutes (I was going to say since cross-country at school, but I think I probably walked most of that ;-)

Despite some fairly inappropriate music ('I feel alive in the sunshine' failed on two counts !), I somehow managed to complete all the runs. Like all the weeks so far, it's challenging, but apparently not impossible, despite how it might feel at the start. Legs are definitely feeling a bit abused though.

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WELL DONE Wybrook!!!! :-) There were times I thought there was no way in heck I could finish a run but I kept placing one foot in front of the other and finished. It is all very doable, tough, but doable!!!! Rest the legs, celebrate your achievement and rev up to take on the next run! YOU CAN DO IT! :-) Gayle


I know the feeling Wybrook as I have just finished W4 and thought that I might have to lie down on the park path after the last 5 minutes of R3 yesterday. Well done and keep going - it seems that we can do this with a bit of a mental earbashing before we don our shoes. I am not looking forward to W5 but just saying Week 5 makes me feel good to have got this far as we are half way through the programme. I so want to run for 30 minutes without keeling over!!Happy New Year to you.


Brilliant, well done :) Week 4 seems so daunting, doesn't it? But you did it :)


Well done, Wybrook!! You are exactly right when you say that the weeks can be challenging, but that none of them are impossible!! Each week will bring with it it's own set of challenges, but the program will prepare your body!! You take care of the mental preparation and there will be no stopping you!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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