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I’ve Survived Week 1

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Well, I have survived week one! No small achievement for someone who said she would only run if she was being chased, and if that thing chasing her was fast enough, she might just let it eat her.

In week one I have learnt some very important lessons:

1) Once you’re out the door you feel like you may as well get on with it, so I put my kit on and get outside, even when I don’t feel like it.

2) Runners high is a real phenomenon. Even though I’ve not gone ‘full run’ yet, I can see how it can become really addictive.

3) Compression leggings, with a high waist, are life!

4) Kasabian and Bastille make excellent running tunes.

5) Week one does not mean instant fitness; I put my back out reaching for a pen, so results are not instant!

6) I genuinely miss not having time to go for a run, something I never thought I would ever feel.

So here I am, one run into week two, still feeling positive. Long may it continue!

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Well done getting out the door is the hardest part. Happy running 🏃‍♀️

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Excellent work JJ ⭐️ Have fun with week 2 😄

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Great job on week one and some good learning! On number 5, running won’t make your lower back stronger, but core work will, and it will help your running! 1-6 are all spot on though. Enjoy week 2.

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Welcome... well done and check out the FAQ post if you haven't already!

Take it slow and take it steady and makes sure you put in some non-impact strength and stamina work on some of your rest days too:)

Carry on posting, and enjoying those runs!

Great Job, everything you typed is so true.

Great bands to listen too, I like running to The Killers and although not a massive fan, Coldplay are great for a run out.

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Well done on getting out there, it does get easier. I said I wasn't a runner, now I run 30 mins 3 times a week with a park run every other week. So keep it up it is worth it.

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