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W4R1 in the bag ... just!


I cant believe I've just run 16 mins when I was panting through a minute only three weeks ago. I'll be honest though that second 5 min run was hard - the legs weren't happy but then the breathing was ok which kept me going. I now feel as though I'm walking on air, even though my face resembles Terence from Angry Birds! Without all the encouragement on this forum, I would not have believed this was possible, so thank you all.

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Well done sjs😊... two more goes to perfect this run..then onwards and upwards...You are doing brilliantly.

Nice and steady is the way to go😉

sjs1969Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you! Trust me, slow and steady is my only pace, but it's good to remind myself of that as I start each run 🐌


Yeay! Well done you... slow and steady is the way as you go onward and upward!


Thank you! funny you should say upwards as I have a gentle incline on my route round the park and that's enough to make my legs grumble and slow up and others talk of running up hills, what planet are they on? 😕😄


Isn't it great? My first 60 second runs were almost unbearable, but this programme truly does lead you steadily through. You can do it, each and every run if you trust yourself and the programme. Mind over matter, slow and steady, you'll soon be a graduate!!!

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