W4R1 barely conquered

Week 4 is HARD! I felt ready to move on after the W3R3 so I did. I was fine for the first 3 minute run, but halfway through the 5 minute run I needed to slow down a wee bit from my usual 7.1km/hr to 6.8 km/hr. For the next two runs I went at between 6.5-6.8, but I have to say the last 5 minute run took all my will power. I got a side stitch during my 2.5 minute recovery, and my thighs were burning through all but the first run. It took everything in me to keep going in the last run (and not slow down beyond 6.5 because then I might as well have walked), and when I was done my legs were wobbly and protesting. Laura's really testing me.

The good news is that my recovery is much faster. The recovery times during the run felt ok, and after too I didn't need long before my body temperature went back down and I didn't feel like I was going to collapse.


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  • Blimey! I guess you're running on a treadmill. Most of us don't know what speed we're running at in the early weeks, so don't worry about it. As the runs get longer, you may cope better if you start off much more slowly and then increase the pace towards the end if you feel you still have something left to give. At this early stage in the programme you probably can't run for 5 minutes at the same flat out pace that you can maintain for 90 seconds. Slowly, slowly does it! Good luck

  • Yes, treadmill it is for me. I'm not a morning person and running outdoors in the noon day Mumbai heat is impossible. Thanks for the advice. I thought since I could do all the previous runs (including the 3 mins) at that speed I'd be able to do the 5 min runs too, but I guess not. I also didn't realise this week moves from 9 mins total running to 16! I'm going to go slower for all the runs from here and see if that helps.

  • Well Done for completing the run , as tough as it may have been that is all you need to do:) As AM says slow is the key , alot say if they went slower they would be walking .. don't worry about that it is still running :)

    Good to see you are noticing the improvements in your fitness already :)

    Good luck with your next runs but slowly :)

  • Thank you! Slower it is for me from here :)

  • Well done you, and you're asbolutely right: Running non-stop for five minutes is bloody hard after only three weeks. So well done for pushing through it.

  • It is bloody hard after only 3 weeks! Thanks for the encouragement.

  • If it makes you feel better, ole stumpy legs over here runs at between 5-5.5 k/hr -- and it's still running! You did great to complete it, well done!

  • I was just disappointed that I couldn't maintain my earlier running (jogging, really) speed...the actual number is less important. Slowing down felt like a let down. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • ISTR thinking that Week 4 is quite hard. Running for 5 minutes seemed like a really long time. Although people talk about week 6 being the big hurdle for me it was definitely week 4.

  • Yep, and it's not just mentally tougher in week 4 but physically as well. That jump from 9 mins running to 16 is quite a bit. Slow and steady, I guess.

  • I know!! I did the same run today (yesterday now, I guess) ... I didn't feel like I couldn't do it but I definitely knew I was running a lot more minutes than last week

  • Blimey, as Ancientmum says...I had no idea about speed... just take it slow and steady,

    just follow the programme and don't worry about anything else.:)

  • That's my plan from here on :) Thanks!

  • I'd suggest aiming to run slowly through the programme first. When you are running injury-free for 30 minutes, you can look at gradually increasing your speed. There are 3 podcasts on the site for c25k+ and one of them focuses on speed. You are doing great and I like to push myself too so I understand the temptation to run fast, but you really don't want an injury that will get in the way of running and leave you on the injury couch. Build up your running muscles gently so you won't come a cropper and then speed up when your muscles have strengthened and can really support your joints as you run.

  • Excellent advice. Thank you! I thought 7 km/hr wasn't fast, but I guess I need to go slower still to keep up with the programme. I don't want to be on that injury couch.

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