10k race in this heat.... Survived somehow

11.45am as a start time. In this heat. Not the best of planning and the heat was my biggest worry espesh wiv this being my first proper 10k race. Made it all the way round tho wiv a couple 1 min walks at 3 and 5k. I wasn't gonna kill myself. I had 3 targets: finish, not come last and a time under 60mins. Managed all 3 tho my garmin reckons it was 9.7k not 10k so i dont feel i can quite count it as a pb. Feeling very proud to have completed it... Happy Helen

5 Replies

  • oh god... these tags are interesting 'kill myself' is not what i was gettin at at all!!

  • Hahaha! And well done :)

  • wow...thats some achievement in this heat...well done :)

  • Oh and I love the tags :)

  • Amazing! Well done. It was hot today (by my standards!) too so not easy going. :-)

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