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Demented not being able to get out :(

God I'm sick now, never thought I'd say the day that I'd be upset not getting out and about haha.

Had a bad week last week due to a couple of nights out from work and some long shifts, then got hit by a chest infection so been floored :( I read that anything above the neck ie, head cold is fine to run but anything below is bad, and it was so right.

I've only managed one run in the last two weeks because of the above reasons, I was repeating Week 4 as I couldn't manage the last five minute run :( So went out last Saturday and really enjoyed it after a week off although it was tough.

Went out Sunday to get an extra in although I know in theory it should have been a rest day, BUT that's when the chest infection first hit and I struggled with the first 3 minute run, and ended up walking home as I couldn't get my breath :(

Against my better judgement went out again Monday night, after the 5 minute warm up walk I started the 3 minute run, my arms felt like lead and I thought I was going to cough my lungs out so walked home (again).

So here we are Thursday, still with a tight chest and feeling pee'd off i can't get out on my day off, what a pain.

I hate winter :(

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Hi big best thing is to rest until you are 100% then restart. A week or so really wont

make any difference, you dont lose fitness that quickly. So take it easy, enjoy

Xmas and go for it in the new year, just like me, Ed x


Yes you talk sense mate, cheers for that ;)

Have a great Christmas yourself and all the best for 2013 :)



Another enforced rest here! Got some kind of "worse than the average cold" going on and I'm just starting to cough as well. Grrrr. Don't want it to turn into bronchitis. I haven't run for exactly a week now and I'm getting concerned about "slippery slope" feelings - but then I know I mustn't get out there again before I'm better.

So join me on the TV and tissues couch (there's plenty of room) - have a sherry/whisky/whatever your medicine of choice is - and we'll show them running in the New Year!

Ann x


Ooh a wisky mac pls...medicinal reasons of course, thanks Ann ;)


Brandy for me pls x


I know how you feel big ginger, I am banned from running for at least a week due to an asthma flare up. I hope ed is right thtbthe fitness stays as I really want to run over Xmas and was on schedule to finish before new year. Not now tho :( I think there are quite a few of us laid up at the mo so you are not alone in your frustration. My approach has been to make the most of the lovely service available from my daughter and her dad ;) but deep down I can't wait to get back out. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Have an excellent festive season. Jems


I found that even after a couple of weeks of no running, i can carry on where i left off. We are all different of course but a week should not make any difference, good luck to you and have a great Xmas! Ed x


Great stuff, cheers Ed! Sound to me like there re a lot of "chesty" people in this community lol ;) have an excellent Xmas. Jems x


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