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About to Graduate :)

Completed my second run of week 9 last night and it felt amazing to know im one run away from the end goal. With that in mind i have started thinking post c5k and i dont want to just maintain this level of fitness but i would love to improve.

So I have just been on the nhs website and have seen the c5k + podcasts that alot of the bloggers on this site have suggested. I was wondering if anyone has substituted the three runs a week you do on the c5k plan with the stepping stones, speed and stamina podcasts ? If you have has it helped or should i look elsewhere for my next challenge ?

Im assuming the Stepping Stones podcasts is aimed towards runners considering moving up to 10k. With the Speed and Stamina podcasts aimed towards runners who would like to improve their speed and stamina respectively. If im wrong about this could you please tell me :)

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No, I'd say that you're absolutely right!

Have a go at all the podcasts and mix and match them around, maybe?

I don't know where you live, but the parkruns are very good too for timed 5k runs. You could also think about signing up for a 10k or 1/2 marathon in a couple/three months time to have something to work towards and keep you motivated.

Best of luck with your graduation run and well done for sticking with it especially through the wet and dark winter months.


I don't know much about any of those programs. I just wanted to say, "Best Wishes" for your W9R3!!! Enjoy it!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Several people like the structure of moving on into the Stepping Stones/Speed and Stamina. You can do a search under tags to learn more about each one. Others have used the C25K program and changed the walking sessions to jog/run and the running sessions to faster running. Like Viv suggested, getting out there and doing organized runs is a great way to build stamina and keep motivation. Whatever you choose to do, know I wish you the very best and a great 2013!!!!! Gayle


I tried the stamina podcast last week and enjoyed it as it really gives a sense of what different paces feel like. I have also done B210K since graduating, and have a half marathon in my sights. Whatever you choose to do next, it helps to have a realistic but challenging goal to keep you motivated, be it a race, a distance/time to achieve, or just getting out there three times a week. The best advice I ever received was "find reasons to keep going, not reasons to stop."


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