C25k + which one to choose first?

Just got hubby to download the c25k+ podcasts and would like advice which one to try first.. I know Old floss likes the stamina, but was thinking of the stepping stones. I don't like to run fast and am a bit worried (but excited) about the idea of taking these on. Have been doing 3 x 30+mins for a few weeks now. What do you think would be best?

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  • I would have a go at stepping stones first. It's a bit of a shift up from C25K and I think Laura is a bit more stern but once you get used to that they really help improve pace. Don't be surprised if it takes a couple of attemps before you get into the swing of it.

  • Hi there. it is me ! Oldfloss

    Yes I do like the Stamina,( am weaning myself off it at the mo; :))

    but, when I graduated, I started the Couch 25 K+ with Stepping Stone.

    I did the podcasts exactly like the Couch to 5K runs.. a day running, a day off.

    Just felt I needed to start with the first and work through.

    I did Stepping Stone, ( 3x) for the first week, then I did Speed, (3x) for the second week and then I got Bronchitis! Crocked for two full weeks with no running! Then slow recovery!

    When I started again, I did one Stepping Stone again and three Speed, before I moved on to Stamina. Making sure I was fit enough to run.

    Stamina gives you freedom, that is why it suits me, but I love the variation of Speed too but, I would suggest;

    Start with Stepping Stone... it is different and it is quite different than your previous runs. Some folk find it is a bit difficult to find the pace...

    Then move on to Speed, and then Stamina... that way, you find, hopefully, what suits you.

    I am back doing Speed this week, whilst I am trying to find my next path forward.

    I like the reassurance of a voice in my ear..!

    I am in no way a fast runner, and have no desire to be, and I found the paces fine. :)

    So.. give Stepping Stone a try...? Let us know how it goes?

    Hope this might helpful; for you :)

  • Thank you so much for your advice. I was feeling a bit worried about doing these as have seen prevoius posts about stern Laura and people struggling with the beats etc. But hearing how you have tackled them all and how you got on has given me confidence. So i will start with stepping stones after all.

    Will let you know how it goes. Might not be today now as i have a mammogram appointment this afternoon... :)

  • Good luck with that... :) Not pleasant but so necessary!

    Yes...Just go with what you think you would like to try... it is a bit weird, but just go with it... we all have to find what is right for us... :)

  • I'd say Stamina, lots of people here, me included, find Stepping Stones a bit weird. Stamina sort of carries you along...I do them all from time to time, personally I think doing any of them every time you go out is a bit much...

  • Thanks curlygurly. Will give stamina a go to see what its like.

    Whats the worse that can happen !!! :)

  • So right... I am weaned off Stamina for a while now... doing Speed at the moment.. :)

  • Stepping stones is the gentlest of the three but still is possibly faster than you might be used to. Some folk find it slower. So see what you think. The speed isn't as long but really works you hard. It took me three goes to get past Stamina but it's really good no matter how much you do of it. Mix them up. Laura says at the end of them all " if you didn't manage to finish,,," so they are harder. It felt a bit like the early stages of c25k but then you get better!

    And when you crack them you do feel great!

  • I'd go for Stepping Stone first. Although the music is a bit pants the pace is a bit gentler than the other two. Speed is great if you want to improve your cadence and Stamina is a constantly difficult (but it has the best music). I've tried all three of them several times and I am yet to complete Stamina or Speed at the right cadence.

  • Thank you all for your helpful comments. I think the overall concensus is to give stepping stones a go first.

    Will let you know how it goes...

  • I think they're all good. Tried stepping stones first myself and when I downloaded it and listened to the tempo I thought I'd never do it but it was fine. Stamina is prob my fave tho and speed good if you don't have a lot of time but want to do something. Music rubbish for stepping stones mind.

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