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Which post-graduate podcast?

Hi:) I graduate tomorrow! I'm wondering what i should do next? I've just been looking through the next lot of podcasts but can't decide which ones.

Is the stepping stones one just a 30 minute run? If so I'll do that with my own music. I really want to run 5k in 30 minutes so maybe the speed one would be best? Any recommendations or advice on what you did or planning to do next would be appreciated thanks.

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the post graduation period can seem a bit, well over whelming, not knowing what to do post laura ..

You can use the week9 podcast and consolidate the 30 min's running 3 x a week to start with or go your own way music wise for the 30 min's .

The = podcasts - stepping stones. speed and stamina ones you can try at any point but may be worth waiting a short while but really it is totally up to you ..

My feeling would be consolidate for a week or two ,really get used to the 30mins running then decide what to do or which direction to go :D


Thank you:) i have already been runnung 30 minutes for the last few runs and ditched the podcasts (sorry laura!) on week 7 so that i could listen to my own music.

Maybe I'll try all 3 podcasts. I also thought maybe I'll do an endurance one once a week and the other 2 for speed. I know i have to keep to some kind of structure so i don't give up!


ah ok, sounds good to me, 1 longer run a week but not increasing by more than 10% each week :) I think this means 10% of your overall weekly total, 1 speed and 1 other will keep your interest and motivation ..

That is the one thing the more you do the more you want to do :D

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Depends what you fancy! I did what Rob recommends and just had a few weeks of 'doing my own thing'. One fast run, one longer run (slowly getting longer) and a run just for fun. I made quite a lot of progress this way before trying the stepping stones podcast. Don't be fooled - this is a step up from week 9. I would endorse it though. I used this a few times before my progress was starting to drop off (ie it got easier). I've then tried speed. This has also been really good. After trying this a few times my 'average pace' is really picking up. One word of caution - if you push yourself it leaves you absolutely whacked. During the run it isn't actually fun. Plus, in the hotter weather it is an absolute killer. Thus, approach with caution and don't let it stop you loving your running. I am thinking of doing stamina in the next few weeks. There are some strong advocates of it on here.

Whatever you choose to do. Take it easy and enjoy it :)


If you really like structure, perhaps create a plan on - perhaps one that will focus on running 5K in 30 minutes?


Thank you that has given me a lot to think about. I definitely like the idea of doing something different each time as i do get bored with the same run.

Thanks ViaM I'm going to check that link out now.


You only have to look at today's "bling list" to see how many options you have. Miles, 10ks, half marathons - everything is possible and there's no wrong way. I spent a long time getting better at 5k before finding out that I much prefer longer runs where there is less pressure to run fast. Then again,I ran a mile in 8 and a half minutes today. It's all good and whatever you do, have fun!

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