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Running again

Well I made a start back to running today after a break. I started with week 7 podcast but only managed to run for 121/2 mins before having to stop but not bad since I havent run since friday 14th december.

I eventuallly switched to my own musci as the podcast music is dire to say the least. and ran for a minute then walked then ran again for another minute could be longer. Thats the problem of running without prompts.

Hope to be able to run for 25mins plus again especially outside as most of my running since week 5 has been on a treadmill including my graduation run.

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You will be fine Philippa. Just keep going and you will soon be back on track. Sue


Welcome back!! You will be right back in the swing of things before you know it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Welcome back!!!! We had life get in the way too and missed 3 weeks. We are back trying to settle into a groove again. It's slow moving, but we will get there just as you will too. :-) Wishing you a fantastic 2013! Gayle


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