Week 8. Am I running too slow?

Hi all. Well I can't believe I am regularly running for more than 25 minutes 3 times a week. When I started I struggled with the 1 minute runs!! I've just done my first 28 mins and for the first time I checked the distance/pace on my phone. (I've previously only used the podcast on my iPod) it's getting addictive this running so I wanted to know more. In 28 minutes I ran 3.7 km. at a pace of 7.43. Does this sound right? I'm totally confused.

Not that it matters tbh anyway. I RAN FOR 28 MINUTES!! so proud of myself.

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  • Nothing to do with speed... all about stamina and running for 30 mins... and you are on track!

    Onwards and upwards!

  • Run at the speed that gets it done! I think by the way that is pretty nippy anyways. Fastest 5k I've done is 34 minutes, happy with it as I'm 52 and like u couldn't run for 1 minute not long ago! Now I can run 10k! Do it how you can and be very proud! Julie

  • As soon as I saw the title "Week 8. Am I running too slow?", my response was a resounding "No". Don't worry too much (or at all) about your speed, otherwise it starts to become a chore to "beat" yourself! Just enjoy the exercise for what it is - I can guarantee you are a lot faster then you would be sitting on the couch :)

    And if you are wondering, that pace sounds 100% normal to me!

    Well done! 28 minutes, amazing!

  • You are doing brilliantly, I am only on wk 2 and find it really encouraging to hear you were struggling to run for 1 minute at the beginning, makes me feel it is possible even for me!

  • Slow is best. Slow will give you the opportunity to run for longer.. Slow will keep you injury free.

    🎶Slow. slow ....slow slow slow.🎶

    Great work nailing that 28 mins.

    Onward and upwards... :)

  • Sounds good to me - I start week 8 on Monday and am hoping my run goes as well!

    I've loaded mapmyrun onto my mobile but have decided not to use it until I've graduated. I really believe I can graduate now! Lol!

  • Don't worry to much about the stats for now , bottom line is to complete the runs which you are doing :)

    You can feel the progress you have made already :)

    Well done keep at it :)

  • Don't concern yourself with speed, that will come on more as you go on, just let it come naturally. Your doing so well as you are, Well done!

  • Thanks guys. You are all right of course. Think it was more curiosity on my part as I had no idea on distances. I will definitely just concentrate on graduating. And leave the distance/speed alone. Just so chuffed I can do it xx

  • I run at around 8.20 per km so you're faster than me :) Everyone is right though it's about getting there not speed. Well done on the 28 minutes!

  • Hehe just realised this was a while ago..bet you're there by now!

  • I just started to run this week after being treated for a DVT I have to get fit and healthy.... It's goung to be hard not living the party life of my friend's I am a lead singer in a band and changing my life style. Way to go you have motavated me.

  • Good luck with it its a great program.


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