First 5K run with my Garmin 110 bought in the sales

Used the post-Christmas sales for some running bargains I got some shorts and tops in the Sports direct sale £6.99 each for a Karrimor long sleeve tops and shorts pretty good, but my best buy I think was a Garmin forerunner 110 with the HRM bundle for £99.59 from satnaveasy £106 with next day delivery. I used it on my run this morning it worked as everyone had predicted. My route which I had mapped using gmap-pedometer matched the distance recorded by the Garmin and I did a personal best of 32 minutes 59 seconds for the 5K so really pleased. Just listened to music with no Nike+ lady telling me times as I could check my time so easily on the Garmin. When, if, the weather improves the Garmin will be a great benefit as I can try different routes and not have to worry about how far I have run as it’s all there on my wrist.

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  • A great investment and good price too! Call it a late graduation pressie to yourself.....

    I love mine and checking the stats afterwards; I wouldnt be without it now and as you say, so easy! Enjoy!


  • thats the best part for me. being able to see how far Ive run while Im running. fantastic bit of kit & you got yours for an excellent price.

    happy running/new year! :)

  • I use the GPS and mapmyrun app on my phone. It is rather large and heavy though. Ed

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