Good run this morning apart from the Garmin

I don't usually report on my mid-week runs but my Garmin has got me cross.....

Tuesday is usually Stepping Stone day for me (don't know how much longer I can bear the music though - it's really beginning to grate now). So - as usual I put Garmin on the fence outside 10 mins before leaving so it could find its satellite.

Went and got my other stuff together, shoes on etc and left the house. Garmin looked OK. Did warm up walk and it STILL looked OK - ready to go. Hit the start button and it said "timer started". All fine.

Did my run. Not the easiest (cold wind and 2 dogs that jumped at me) but I worked hard and got all the way round without stopping. Resisted the temptation to check pace etc as I'm always disappointed when I'm doing Stepping Stone. Got to the end, pressed button to stop...... and the wretched thing has only recorded the first 15 seconds. I guess it lost its satellite. Having found the satellite again it was (of course) fine for the walk home.

Does anyone else have this problem with their Garmins? Mine's a Forerunner 110 if that makes a difference.

I'm beginning to wonder what I've taken on with the 5 x 50. New swimsuit will be ordered today. Still need a bike helmet as well (and stabilisers ha ha).

Have a nice Tuesday all friends!



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  • Yep, exactly what happened to me the other day Ann! Darned annoying isn't it. Mine's a 110 too. I'm wondering if it's because it's very cloudy at the moment although I wouldn't have thought it should have made that much difference.

    I'm finding myself checking mine more often just to make sure it is still working.

    Oh, and good luck for the 5 x 50 challenge!

  • Hi Dottiemay,

    Sorry to hear it's happening to you as well. It is a pain - I suppose the answer is to keep checking that it's OK, but often I'd prefer not to find out how slowly I'm going until I've finished. I suppose it could be the weather - it was very grey here this morning (still is!). The car Garmins don't drop satellite unless you stop in a tunnel though. Maybe the watches are much lower power.

    Swimsuits (2 sizes) now ordered! Watch out pool I'll be coming down there soon eeeek!

  • have you been on the garmin site & downloaded any updates that may be available for the 110. I had problems with mine going blank when I plugged it into the computer & found an update & havent had problems since. I just downloaded the latest one. good luck.

  • Hi - I think I now have one seriously mad Garmin! It didn't like having its software examined and threw a wobbly - the computer refused to recognise it for a good 10 mins :o

    However, I think it's recovered now and tomorrow morning in the cold I'll discover whether it's any better. I've also downloaded Swancot's Skyline podcast - only number 1 for me at the moment - don't fancy 170bpm so we'll see how that goes.

  • I'll try that, thanks. Mine isn't always happy with the computer - Internet Explorer doesn't recognise it but if I wait long enough I get a pop-up thingy and it uploads with Chrome. Then the other day the computer thought my ipod was a Garmin and tried to upload from that! Technology.... who'd have it? (that's me talking as a person that works for the mobile phone industry....)

    Thanks for the tip!


  • If you like the format/timing of Stepping Stone you may find a similar mix of pace (bpm) and interval lengths at Podrunner. I used the Skyline 2 podcast today and found it perfect. This has intervals (not short. fast sprint intervals) that last about 6 minutes and increase from 160bpm to 170bpm. The Pordunner podcasts come in huge range of speeds and are free!

  • Thank you for the suggestion! I may try Skyline 1 to start with - I don't think I could keep going for 50 minutes but I could do the first 3 "sets" and see how I feel. I dread to think what the music's like (looks very "young" to me but I'm an 70s-80s girl) but I'll give anything a go.


  • Ah, yes it is very 'young' - I think it's 'house' music or at least clubbing-type dance music.

  • Skyline1 has been downloaded for use tomorrow morning in place of C25K+ Speed. I won't be trying to do more than 30 mins but we'll see how it goes. Thanks again for the suggestion.


  • ooooh. something new to listen to! gonna go & have a look now :)

  • damm. am unable to download anything. cant use itunes on my computer as it crashes it & cant seem to download anything :(

  • I know the pop-up box shows "Open with 'iTunes (default)'", but can you not download it to your computer without opening? What happens when you go Download > Save file > OK?

  • Annoying when your Garmin plays up or the battery is flat. :-(

    If you want something different to stepping stones I can recommend audiofuel which is similar

  • Ooh - another suggestion! I can see more computer time coming while I check these out. Certainly quicker than working out the bpm for everything on my ipod and constructing a playlist though.

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