So pleased with my Garmin ...not so chuffed with my run!

After lots of deliberation [and lots of advice from everyone on here!] I spent my birthday money on Garmin Forerunner 110 and have to say I'm really pleased with it!

So off I went this morning, having not been for a run for 5 days. Garmin was great, but at Week8, R3 I struggled and ended up slowing down twice and walking for about a min. That said, it was really helpful being able to upload the run on the Garmin Connect site and look at what I did. I realised I'd started off too quickly for the first km and suffered a bit for it. Think I may repeat today's session before I move on to Week 9. Almost at graduation.. but not quite there yet!


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  • That's helpful info about the Garmin - I too have birthday money and am dithering over which watch! Don't worry about the slowing down - at least you can now identify what happened and adapt for it next time. You're nearly there!!!

  • Thanks! Looking forward to going out again to see how I improve - stats are really helpful on it!

  • I added the Garmin to my wish list yesterday... hopefully having something expensive connected with running will keep me doing it. I'm also struggling with week 8 run 3 (as I blogged a few days ago). At least you now know what the problem may have been - in week 8 we still have to survive the 28 minutes - the speed/distance comes later (so they keep telling me so it must be true).

    Good luck to you for next time and hopefully (with a following wind) we'll both be graduating in the next week and a bit!

  • G.ood luck to you too! Stats on the garmin are really helpful

  • Hello, I'm so tempted to get the Garmin too. Have promised myself it after my first 5km (27 Nov) but I want it now! Am on Week 8 Day 2, struggling to get the motivation to go out today, but if I had a Garmin ......

  • Exactly! If you have a Garmin... spending all that money motivates you to get out! Plus once you see all the stats from your run you want to get back out and improve... that's the idea anyway!

  • Hi, I'm looking to buy a Garmin for reluctanthusband's Christmas, but don't tell him, it's to be a surprise! Is Amazon the best place to get it?

  • I shopped around a bit and then someone on here mentioned it was on offer on amazon - got it for £105.99 in the end. Very pleased with it and as i've spent all that money I'll make sure i'll be getting my monies worth!

  • Thanks, MotherGoose! I'll have a look!

  • Any more thoughts on Garmin? I'm keen to put the Forerunner 10 on my Christmas list but hubby wants to know what it will do that my phone app won't. Seems to me it will be simpler and more convenient - and it's a pretty pink :o) - appreciate any more thoughts, though.

  • I did a bit of research before I opted for the Garmin and the one thing that kept coming up was that the Garmin was better for GPS. Also, I find it a lot easier to look at the watch when I'm running and check my distance/time/pace, than holding my phone in my hand and looking at the app. Hope this helps!

  • I've given in and ordered the Garmin, can't wait to get it. Thanks MotherGoose. Ran W9D1 today, so it should arrive in time for graduation.

  • Good for you! Nice graduation present for you!

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