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Found w6r2 hard

After completing w5r3 I thought I was ready for anything. W6R1 was a doddle - really enjoyed it.

Then w6r2 turned out to be really tough for me. Felt nauseous afterwards. Perhaps I was overconfident. I've started to drink a glass of water before a run as I was getting a dry mouth whilst running.

Hopefully a momentary blip as w6r3 looks a toughy...

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I place week 6 as tough as my week 1 and 2 runs. I really did not like it at all! Wise decision in drinking more fluids the day of a run, it will also help if you're prone for side stitches. The 3rd run will be fine for you, just go slow, you know your body is ready. I will be watching for a blog posting saying your ready to move on to week 7! Gayle


Thank you Gayle. I feel much more motivated about taking on the 25 min run later today.


I have to echo Gayle on this one!! W6 was a dreadful one for me as well!! Congratulations on being determined and completing today's run!! It just goes to prove that the mind is far stronger than the body!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve - your encouragement does make a difference. Looking forward to my next run now.


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