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MMMMM W6R2 hard, hard and more hard

Why, why, why did I find two 10 minute runs SO hard this morning? I had to walk for about 30 seconds in the second 10 minute run? What's that all about I wonder. I've decided to re-do this run on Friday and hopefully Lucky Ducky will be with me and we can keep each other going. But, I will crack it and won't be defeated! A determined SB x

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Ah - the week 6 "interval trap"... :)

After the 20 minute run of W5R3, week 6 seems to catch people out for some reason. "Slow and Steady" on the first interval to save some energy for the second one... slow out of the gate and slowly wind it up (if you feel good) in the final few minutes...

Having said that, you did it... a short walk isn't a problem at all.... Well done!


I think you might surprise yourself ... If you feel better on the next run day, why not just give Run 3 a go? I definitely find the non-stop running easier on the brain!


It seems to be a tricky one for many people that week 6. You may find it easier from here on because there are no more intervals. I'm sure you will be fine.


Odd, isn't it. I like your attitude though. useitorloseit may have a point. After W5R2 did you think you'd manage W5R3? Maybe keep an open mind on the next run.


I'm so glad I've seen this post, just signed up today as we did run 2 of week 6 this morning and I really struggled, so feeling a bit demotivated I thought I'd come on here and see if anyone else had struggled too.

I was so proud of myself for managing to run for 20 minutes last week and couldnt understand why I found two 10 minute runs so hard this morning!

Feeling a bit better after reading these posts and seeing that its not just me :-) Going to push on to run 3 on Friday and see how it goes.

Good luck!


Not just you! Push on! :) It's a mental thing now as much as a physical one! Slow and steady!


Week 6 is a toughie!

Many of us found it deceptively difficult - it's just all preparation for the later weeks where you'll be running continuously. You can do this!

Good luck :)


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