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So much for getting fit!

DOWNER ALERT: please don't read if you don't want to listen to some miserable old cow moaning!!

It's been 23 days since I've ran! 23!! That's how long I've had this evil, chest cold. I can't EVER remember being ill for so long. I have little energy, haven't really fully enjoyed any of my birthday or Christmas festivities and feeling fitter and exercised feels like a distant memory. Just walking the dog or into town feels like a massive effort.

I thought exercise was supposed to make you fit and more immune to coughs, colds, and sore holes etc.

The only good news is that I haven't overindulged cos have had no appetite, so have actually managed to lose about 1/2 stone - that's got to be a first!

Just shows to go you that you can't really plan anything, cos life has a way of doing its own thing!

That's it really - just wanted to offload - thanks for listening,,,. as you were, nothing to see here, move along now folks.

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Dearest Viv, I'm so sorry! And how true the way that life does it's own thing whatever our best laid plans, or, as John put it "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Hang on in there. It will pass, you will get better and the roads and the parks will be there waiting for you. Go and have a laugh on me and my back after attempting to shift a turkey!

And feel free to be as miserable as hell. At our age we deserve it!




I was ill last year with something similar. I was ill for 2 months in the end and had never felt so weak! Have you tried getting out walking for a little while in the cold air? I found that seemed to help me to recuperate.

I've also won't have ran for 5 weeks this sunday. I developed plantar faciiitis after doing a 10k road race. It's such a pain to have to stop after finally getting fit isnt it. Made worse by getting running related stuff for christmas!

Here's to lovely sunny days in summer when we will be up and running again!


Oh Viv you have every right to moan and feel down and moan some more and then some..... This thing is awful, just awful! My hubby too has been suffering for God knows how long and has lost 3/4 stone - unheard of over Xmas and not good when I'm putting it on!!

You offload girl, but as Delia says the roads are waiting for you and not going anywhere so make sure you are fully fit before getting out there and then just taking it at your own pace. It will be hard at first but you will be fine Viv and we will all be routing for you.

Get better soon. Sue x


Hi Viv, don't beat yourself up, you will get better and come back fighting, just take it easy. Ed x

ps, i have got sore feet from running but not 'sore holes'!


Whine as much as you need to Viv, just don't say you're a fat old cow!!! So far as can be from the truth! You are an inspiration to me and have progressed so far...this is just a bump in the road...a nasty, dirty old bump, but a bump non the less. We had sickness, holiday etc. Keep us from running for 20+ days. Don't worry, when you feel well enough to run, you may be slower but most of your general fitness will still be there. I hope you feel better soon and sending you a (((hug))) from across the pond! Gayle


Oh no! This is no good ... but it will pass. What's important is not the 23 days not running: it's what you do next. You will be back on track and letting us all know how you are doing and motivating the rest of us. Just like Gayle says, your general fitness will be there and you will be ready for it. Go Viv go!!


You are, of course, all absolutely right. And bless you all fom the bottom of my heart. Not a road block, just a minor bump, for all of us that have been I'll or injured. But we are all still here aren't we, ready and raring to go, even if the flesh isn't always willing.

I started C25k because a friend at work said, in July, that they had started it as he needed to lose weight and get fit. They didn't continue. I heard today that he had some kind of bleed and collapsed on Xmas eve. He had surgery and is in intensive care. He now has a chest infection and they haven't woken him. I've been told it doesn't look good, but I think that where there's life, there's hope.

Puts my pathetic whining into perspective. As soon as I can I'll run for him, and for everyone who can't. Run just because you can.

V xx


Sorry. I mean her husband, of course.


Such sad news Viv! I personally started this journey for my health so it really does put it all in perspective. I want to do whatever I can to avoid surgeries, hospital stays etc. I know some conditions can't be prevented, but if it can be detoured, I'm all for it. Plus, I'm a chicken when it comes to doctors, needles etc. ;-) Are you feeling better? Thinking of you today and hoping that nasty cough goes away! Gayle


Thanks, Gayle - it's hanging on in there! But it can't last forever!

I'm with you on avoiding doctors and needles! A friend of mine's father (who paradoxically died in hospital a couple of months ago), said "Most people die in hospital or while they're asleep - so try to avoid both of those as much as possible!". Sheesh - it comes to us all. But it's about feeling as alive as possible and not taking our health for granted - and, as you say, putting it all into perspective. Nothing's guaranteed - but we can make a conscious effort to enjoy good health for as long as we're able.

Best new year wishes to you and your family. V xx


Hey there, Lady! Enough of this business!! You just announced to me that we are nightclubs!!! I expect you to live up to that!!! :-) It is time to get this chest cold over with and move on!! Not to mention, this "miserable old cow" title. No more of that kind of talk!!

On a more serious note, I do appreciate your latest posting. It hits very close to my heart. We who can run are truly blessed. My father passed almost 7 years ago. He suffered from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD or emphysema) caused by over 50 years of smoking. I watched that man struggle and gasp for every breath that he could manage. I hate that he went through that, but in a sad way it was a gift to me. You see, he taught me not to take breathing for granted. There are times when I struggle during a run and then think to myself, "Why am I times, Dad couldn't breath enough to walk across the room.

I started this post with what I believe you Brits would call "cheeky" comments. I close now with a tear in my eye. My prayers are with your friend's husband. My God's healing hand reach out to him and my his wife find peace in the love that they share.

My prayers are with you and them.



Heehee - Steve - You're right about the cheeky comments.

Sorry to hear about your dad and how he struggled - some people serve as great examples and others as terrible warnings. I'm sure he was both in different ways.

New year wishes to you and the family. V xx


Viv, what nonesense, you have been so supportive of others here that you earned your right to have a moan, especially as you know that most of us understand your frustration! So moan away. Really hope that your cough goes soon (have you tried steam breathing with olbas, I did that last time, got the nasty green stuff moving!)

As the others have said, you might lose a little top end speed, but really, your fitness will come rushing back (thank goodness for muscle memory!).

does sometimes take something really serious to happen for us to remember to be grateful. My thoughts are with you for your recovery and with your friend and her partner.

Big (((hugs))) xx


Thanks, Vix. I have tried Olbas steaming and Sudafed, and Codeine and 3 types of cough syrup and hot toddies ;-). It's just one of those particularly virulent viruses, I guess. Lots of other people are in the same position with it and it is only a cold!!

And I'm sure you're right about the muscle memory and fitness.

Hope you had a great xmas. V xx


I hope you'll be feeling much better soon, Viv. Don't panic too much about losing fitness - you will soon be back on track if you build up gradually.

It's very frustrating not being able to run but isn't it amazing to think that would have been the last thing on your mind less than a year ago ? When I couldn't run, I tried to do some stretches etc with a resistance band in the hope it would make me less likely to injure myself when I started again - it's not too strenuous but it makes you feel you're doing something positive towards your running.

Best wishes to you and to your friend and her husband xx


You're so right, that even 6 months ago it would have been the last thing on my mind!

I did get out for a muddy tramp in the forest with the dog this morning, which was nice and the sun came out for a while which was even better. I felt a bit heartened too as I crossed paths with my next door neighbours who were walking her mum's dogs. She's had this cough/cold thing too and it's the first time she's ever not got out to walk her dogs!


what a good idea, I will file that one for next time I'm ill


Just a quick update on friend's husband. He had a tracheotomy last week, they woke him up and he was able to respond to commands, recognise faces, and make facial gestures and move all his arms, legs etc. He can't talk yet, but they're very hopeful. Time will tell but it's very encouraging. And who knows.... he might yet finish C25K!


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