Getting closer to being a 'real-runner'!

Went out for W7R3 tonight. Took the dog as usual and ran on the path around the running track (don't want to take the dog in in case he does his business on the track!). About 20 mins in, one of the runners within the group that were running on the track, ran the other way and as he passed said 'you're doing well, perhaps you should join us'. Cos I didn't hear the first part of what he said until after he said the second part (and I was listening to the crap W7 music on my itouch), I just made some incredulous noise and kept running! Doh!

I did feel a bit chuffed, cos he was proper running - you know, long-strided, strong and obviously well-experienced (in fact, I think he may have been my old next-door-neighbour who is a seasoned marathon runner, but I didn't have my glasses on and cos I was 20 mins in, I was a bit tunnel-vision, so can't be sure!).

I kind of felt like a 'real runner' to have another runner notice that I WAS running! Perhaps when I've graduated in 2 weeks, I'll look into introducing myself and joining the local running club. It might be nice to be part of a group rather than being a lone jogger. We'll see.


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7 Replies

  • Go for it - tho I would argue you're a 'real runner' already!

  • Sounds great, Vivwestie! Well done for doing such a good run. Know what you mean about running with other people - I always do better when I go out with my 'proper runner' friend. I'm thinking about joining our local road runners club, they are putting on a novices course. Just as well, cos from their website I think they do things like running across the Pennines, for an afternoon's entertainment, lol. I do like running on my own too, though, it's a good time to just let the mind wander, enjoy the countryside etc.

    I agree about the W7 music, I just used W6R3's podcast.

    You're nearly there!

  • Wow! What a compliment! You are obviously doing really well! Keep it up!

  • Heh heh, what a great feeling! Sounds like you've got some friendly runners in your area which is definatly a good thing!

  • You are doing amazing!!!! What a compliment to be asked to join in with others! Your almost there future graduate!!! :-)

  • Nope, I disagree - you are a real runner now! You go out there and you run - that works for me :)

  • Thank you for all you're encouraging and supportive comments - as ever. And yes, you're right: "I run, therefore I am a runner". Works for me too - and for all us C25K-ers!

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