Not ready for weeks 8 and 9?

Hi all. I finished week 7 today and I'm really pleased I've made it this far. However, at the end of 25 minutes, I don't feel like there's much left, and even an extra 3 minutes for week 8 feels like it's going to be a bit of a push! Is it normal to feel like this? Wondering if I should repeat week 7, but then again, I haven't missed a run yet and it's unusual for me to stick to something like this. I tried a similar running thing to C25K long ago, but never got beyond the 20 mins ish mark, and ended up giving up, so I kind of want to keep moving along with this one. Also, I'm only doing 3.8K in the 25 mins of running, so I'm not really anywhere near the 5K mark. I'm just wondering if others have found the same thing, or am I just really unfit?


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  • I have just finished week 8 and it took me 4 runs (by accident paused my app) it is harder but I think 3 minutes is a song on your iPod or an ad break during Corrie so not that long after all - in fact when it gets to the last minute I crank the speed up to prove to myself that I have got something left to give! Don't worry about the distance.

  • The reason you don't feel like there is much left is because your brain knows when your stopping so your body follows suit, if you can trick yourself into thinking your going further than u intend to your body will adjust, sounds a bit weird I know but it works, good luck

  • Thanks. It's that old mental trickery again, then, is it?

  • Yes haha think u need to be a bit gullible like me though to make yourself believe something you knows not true haha

  • If you have managed W7 then you should be ok with W8, you ARE prepared for it no matter what you think ! Very few people get to 5k in 30 minutes by the end of W9 (I didn't and still haven't !!), its quite normal and you are not really unfit, especially if you can run for 25 mins. I think the point of this is that if you can get yourself to running for 30 mins on a regular basis then you CAN do 5k, even though it might take you a bit longer than the 30 mins. You're doing great so far so just keep going and have faith in yourself.

  • Don't injure yourself but you've done 25 mins and now you've got 2 days to rest haven't you? How did you feel before wk5, r3? How did you feel before r3 of wk 6? You've just done this 25 mins 4 times - did it get easier each time? (Was it you that said r2 of wk 7 was easier than r1 - you were right - thanks). How about this for a plan. Start wk8 but allow yourself the luxury of stopping after 25 mins (or even 26) ie, pretend that you're doing wk 7 again - then I bet Laura will come on and say 'only 2 mins to go' - do you really think you'll stop?

  • Hi Buffy, do you know? Looking back at that Wk5, R3, that seemed way easier than these 25 min runs though! They have got a bit easier each time, though, I guess, but I think it would be a long time before I could do it comfortably. Although, reading these comments here, I think I've got to talk myself into it a bit more. I like your idea of giving Week 8 ago but letting myself stop if need be - sounds like a plan. Going away for a long weekend, so might give myself an extra rest day first :) Hope you get on well with you next one.

  • If you give yourself the option of stopping after 25 minutes then you probably will. You can do 28 minutes it's what you've been running all this time for. How easy is it run 3 minutes now? easy huh? Well when you get to the end of 25 minutes, you just have an easy three minutes to do to be able to post "I DID IT".

    Remember that unless something has fallen off or you can't breath, you must carry on.

    I just did w8r2 feeling just like you. The last three minutes were a bit harder than the first three, but they weren't the hardest three minutes I've done.

  • It really is all in the mind. Like Chris41968 said, if you know you've got 2 mins left, your brain seems to tell your body you're nearly there and you get some kind of mental 'let down' (can't think of a more technical term!). If you've done week 7 you're definitely ready for week 8. Trust your legs not your head!

  • Actually, the legs are the one bit of me that are absolutely fine!

  • I'm in the same place as you, and the way I've dealt with the increased time over the last few runs is to think of it as (and tell myself) 'just a minute more' each time until I've done however many minutes more it needed (e.g. five times when I did the last run of week 6 for 25 mins). That seemed to work for me and I'll be doing it three times tonight when I do my first week 8 run. My brain is easily fooled. ;) As far as distance is concerned I'm still only covering between 4 - 4.5k, and that'll do me for now. Good luck - we can hold hands crossing the finish line of w9r3!

  • Yes, I'm usually easily fooled too. Should be alright, then! Good luck with your first week 8-er.

  • Forget about the 5k. I think it is true about what your brain is set up to do. When I want to stop just before the end of a run I tell myself if I don't keep going to the end I will just have to redo all that previous running again - if that makes sense!! I think you will surprise yourself and be fine.

  • So much positive advice - I'm going to pinch it all! (I love the 'only one minute more x 5')

  • Trust the programme :) You can do it! If you feel like you need to stop, just slow down and take it easy jogging along. Good lucK!

  • If you can finish w7, you can do w8. Trust in the programme. It's so well designed that one run flows seamlessly into the next. Believe in yourself. You CAN do it :)

  • i'm nowhere near 5k either in 25 mins... a friend forced me to run 5k last week and i managed it in just over 40 mins! Dont fret too much about doing 5k in 30 mins... just being able to run for 30mins is brilliant in itself. Once you've got that sorted then work on your speed :-)

  • Oh and a decent playlist helps with some motivational songs near the end mines "right here right now" by fatboyslim lol and try not to start too fast and get in a nice rhythm

  • Yes, maybe music would help actually. Perhaps the c25k tunes aren't cutting the mustard for these longer runs. Thanks Chris

  • Mine's Born Slippy

  • I haven't got there yet, I have only just finished W6. But a few weeks ago I couldn't imagine being able to run for 20 minutes without stopping, never mind 25, or 28 or 30. The programme makes you physically ready but there are mental obstacles to work though. Some how you have to trick your mind into not thinking about the time. Perhaps try giving yourself some sort of mental exercise to think through? I am a really big rugby fan and if I can't sleep, I set myself the task of naming 10 players with names starting with A, then B etc. The same sort of thing could be done with anything that interests you - really anything that takes time to do and stops you thinking about time.

  • You are probably beginning to have an idea of what is a comfortable pace for you, by now. So if you are daunted by the prospect of stepping up, reduce your starting pace for the first run and then adjust it up, if possible, as you complete the time. These longer runs were tough going for most of us, but are just part of the process and the reward of reaching graduation and ultimately even longer and/or faster runs later in your running career, are well worth the effort.

    Look how far you have come!! You can do it. Good luck.

  • 3.8k is great in 25 minutes, I think I am around that speed and am completing 5k in under 37 minutes so you are doing really well. The 3 minutes may feel like a huge push but once you've done 25 you won't want to give up, you've come so far, whenever I feel like I can't do it I think back to the days when running for 90 seconds nearly killed me. Your body can do it, you just need to convince your mind!

  • I have been struggling to finish off week 7 so well done for getting through it!

  • 3.8k in 25 mins is great!! I did week 8 last week and it was a real struggle so I am repeating it and have just managed 3k in the 28 mins I think the other bloggers on here are right maybe we shouldn't focus on the distance as much, we're all still doing brilliantly as we are off the couch!! :)

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